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MALAVYA YOGA How does the Malavya Yoga form? Malavya  Yoga from Venus . Venus in Kendras in own house there will be a Malavya Yoga. Taurus Lagna Venus in Taurus Leo Lagna Venus in Taurus Scorpio Lagna Venus in Taurus… Read More »MALAVYA YOGA


REVERSE YOGA Reverse Yoga is an excellent yoga. Astrology research delivers a lot of yogas and yogas make every to surprise. You know that there are three parts to houses as follows: Sara Lagna Sthra Lagna Ubaya Lagna Sara Lagna… Read More »REVERSE YOGA


KUBERA YOGA The 8th house is a hidden house. The 8th house lord is the hidden lord. The 8th house and its lord create Kubera Yoga. Kubera Yoga reason for the sudden rise in life. Kubera yoga gives wealth education… Read More »KUBERA YOGA