His birth chart is a rare one.

A lot of messages can we hire from the birth chart.

A detailed study of Modis birth chart

See the birth chart

Modi was born with Scorpio Lagna.

Scorpio is a secret house.

The person born in Scorpio is also a secret person.

The Scorpio lord is Mars.

But this is a watery sign.

In Scorpio, there are two Planets. 

One is Mars and the other is Moon.

Mars is a Fire Planet

Moon is a Watery Planet

The Planet combination was entirely different.

Which Planet is very strong in Scorpio?

Water Planet is very strong in watery houses.

But in Scorpio Moon debilitated. So powerless Planet.

But Mars boosts the Moon to a powerful Planet. How?

Moon debilitated.

Mars is its own house Scorpio.

So any Planet is debilitated, but the house will become powerful, and the debilitated Planet gets Neecha Panga Raja Yoga.


Moon Neecha’s position. Mars ruler position. So due to Mars, Moon gets Neecha Panga Raja Yoga.

Mars in Scorpio creates Ruchaga Yoga. This is one of the greatest yoga in Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga. So Mars change the Moons Neecha Yoga into Neecha Panga Raja Yoga.

It is powerful Yoga. 

The Water sign and the Fire sign combined in each and act strongly Fire on the water situation.

What about Scorpio?

The Scorpio is the 8th house from Aries. This is a hidden house. When compared to other houses, this house birth persons live secretly, No one understands them and their activities.

Mars is the ruling Planet. If Mars is powerful, they become King or King equal post or kind like a group of people.

They can not obey others.  All must obey them.

What are the special powers of Scorpio?

The Scorpio is ruled by Mars. The 5th house from Scorpio is Pisces. Pisces’ lord is Jupiter. Jupiter liberally helps Scorpio.

But the 9th lord Moon cannot help Scorpio, because Moon is Phatak lord.

Mars is Sthra Lagna lord. So Scorpio birth people like to live in one place.


Jupiter and Moon

In these two Planets, Jupiter is always friends with Scorpio.


Saturn Venus Sun 

Saturn and Venus are friendly planets and will help Scorpio persons a lot.

Sun is the power Yoga Planet for Scorpio, If Saturn and Venus have a connection with the Sun or Sun house Leo there will be tremendous Yoga available for them.

Will continue

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