Baba Karthari Yogam is a bad Yoga.

This yoga affects the particular house.

Any house that has a malefic Planet in the 12th house and the 2nd house will create Baba Karthari Yoga.

For example, The 7th house is surrounded by malefic Planets, there will give Baba Karthari Yoga.

If Baba Karthari Yoga affects the 7th house, there will be separation.

Now we see an example of Baba Karthari Yoga.

The Female was born with Sagittarius.

The 7th house is Gemini and its lord is Mercury.

Mercury is in Capricorn and aspected by Capricorn lord Saturn.

Jupiter and Moon create Guru Chandra Yoga in the 4th house.

It seems to be good for married life in the average verification method.

But the 7th house Gemini was critically affected by the Baba Karthari Yoga.

Mars is in the 12th house from Gemini.

Saturn is in the 2nd house from Gemini

So Mars and Saturn occupied both surrounding houses of Gemini.

She has good education and a good profession with the help of Mercury.

The Guru Chandra Yoga aspected of the 10th house strengthens the 10th house.

Mercury is the lord of the 7th house and the lord of the 10th house.

She benefited from the 10th house. But failed to get good results from the 7th house.


Saturn and Mars crushed Gemini and affected married life.

Sagittarius Lagna is also covered by the malefic Planets.

Sun in Sagittarius.

Venus in the 12th house from Lagna

Mercury is in the 2nd house from Lagna

So the Lagna is also bundled with the malefic Planets.

Because of Baba Karthar Yoga, the female got separation. She is again trying for a 2nd marriage.


Karma Planets are Moon and Venus.

Moon enjoys the support of Jupiter and has a connection with the 10th house. So she is a powerful professional.

But Venus is the other Karma Planet in Scorpio.

The 7th lord Mercury in Capricorn and its Phatak house is Scorpio.

So Venus as a Karma Planet has a link with the 7th house lord and affected her married life.

KARMA Chasing everyman in different faces.

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