Yogas are found to be good and bad qualities.

Some Yogas lift people to the top.

Some Yogas downgrade people to the bottom.

In some of the birth charts, there will be yogas but they will not generate their power liberally.

The Yoga Planet sometime increases its power due to other Planets’ connections.

The Yoga Planet sometime decrease its power due to other Planet’s connection.

Yoga Planet will be boosted by the other Planet which may be Yoga Planet posited house owner or maybe aspected by the other Yoga Planet from good places.

But the Yoga Planet should not have a link with the hidden houses or should not have a link with Patak houses and its lords.

There are a lot of struggles for the yoga Planet to act freely.

We now see some of the examples in which Yoga Planets increase their power from another Yoga Planet.

Example 1:

J.Jayalalitha former Chief Minister.

She was born with Gemini Lagna.

Venus is exalted in the 10th house which creates superb Malavya Yoga.

Jupiter is its own house, in the 7th house that creates superb Hamsa Yoga.

Malavya Yoga was formed in Pisces.

Pisces house lord Jupiter is also in Hamsa Yoga.

Mercury and Venus are enemies.

But Jupiter should be in silent mode, because of, the Malavya yoga formed in his own house Pisces.

Malavya Yoga gets support from Jupiter

Malavya Yoga and Hamsa yoga mutually in Kenras increase their strength.

Example 2:

Amrish Lal Puri  Film actor.

He was born with Cancer Lagna.

Jupiter in Cancer with exalted creates Hamsa Yoga.

Saturn in his own house in the 7th house creates Sasa Yoga.

Moon in Capricorn with Saturn has controlled Jupiter who has Hamsa Yoga.

So the Sasa Yoga with the help of the Moon boosted Jupiter.

Jupiter and Saturn mutually in Kendras strengthen the Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga

Example 3:

Shyam Prasad Mukerjee

Founder of Jan Sangh

He was born Leo Lagna.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in his own house with Hamsa Yoga.

Saturn the 6th lord conjoined with Jupiter is not favorable.

He has powerful Hamsa Yoga and enjoyed the Yoga benefits.

But he suffered a lot during his and his death is a mystery.

He died during the Mars Dasa Mars sub-period.

So Jupiter with Hamasa yoga helped a lot and in the final days, Hamsa Yoga was in silent mode.

Yoga is powerful. But when another yoga has a connection to the yoga lord there will be more powerful yoga one will get.

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