Is it possible? How will be the birth chart?

It is quite different from the birth chart.

She got married and meet separation from her husband within two years.

Then again she got married. Again separation immediately. 

Then she wait for a long year and then got married.

So She met three marriages.

You will see the birth chart and study the same.

You can not predict this birth chart simply.

Before prediction, some sort of rules must be applied.

1)As per umbrella yoga the 5th and the 11th houses are outside the purview of Rahu Ketu. This indicates that the Bad Past Karma houses the 5th and the 11th is free hand.

So there will be good and bad issues in her life.

The bad Planets surrounding Lagna indicate that there will be something that may be unimaginable things in her life.

With these results, we now go to analyze the birth chart.

The 7th house is Marriage Lagna.

The marriage life durability should be analyzed through the 8th house from the 7th house.

7th house Lagna is Libra.

The 8th house from Libra is in the 6th house of Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is exalted indicating there will be a serious breakup in her life.

Venus is aspected by the 6th lord Jupiter and the 8th house occupant Ketu.

The 8th house Taurus Phatak lord Saturn from Gemini aspected Venus is indicating a critical note.

The 8th house Taurus bundled with malefic Planets. In Aries, the 12th lord Mercury. In Gemini Aries lord Mars.

Mercury is the 12th lord of the 7th house.

Mars is the 12th lord of the 8th house.

Mercury and Mars mutually exchange their houses. This is a bad position.

In the Female birth chart, Venus is an indicator of male.

We draw a Venus Lagna.

Lagna is Pisces.

The Phatak lord Mercury is Markashthana of Aries.

The Phatak lord Mercury with the 6th lord Sun in the 2nd house spoils the family.

The 12th lord Satun aspected the Venus Lagna

The marakshthana lord Mars aspected the 7th house of Venus lagna.


Finally, we conclude the analysis with the following remarks.

1)The 7th house Libra Lagna, lord Venus aspected by malefic Planets like Saturn and Jupiter.

2) The 2nd marriage indicator house is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius lord Jupiter posited in the 12th house of Scorpio.

So the 2nd marriage is also in trouble.

3) The 3rd marriage indicator house is Aquarius.

Aquarius lord Saturn posited in the 15th house of Gemini.

Venus in Pisces very strong position from a good family through the 3rd marriage.

Jupiter from Scorpio aspected the 2nd house.

So the 3rd marriage is good.


The Female was born with Aries Lagna. The Bad Past Karma Planets are Saturn and Mars. 

Saturn and Mars in Gemini which is Parigara Karma house.

So Karma is serious but will be controlled by the remedy.

This is a notable chart for Astrology learners

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