It is new and unknown ever before by all.

The research-based theory.

While analyzing the birth chart,  it should be sometimes it is difficult to come to conclusion in search predictions.

Some thought, that the birth time of a lot of persons born and how it should be calculated.

There is no solution.

But in my research work, I find out the Micro birth chart and Macro birth chart.

It is very simple but efficient.

There are 12 houses in Astrology.

Each house has 30 Degrees.

Divided the 30 Degree into 12 houses.

Then ascertain the Planet in which Degree posited.

Find out the Planet where actually posited in Micro birth chart.

In the same method again find out the Macro birth chart.

While analyzing the basic birth chart, one could not find out the correct predictions. Then draw a Micro birth chart. There will be clear pictures ready to read.

Still, you should want to further confirm the Micro birth chart, now go to draw the Macro birth chart.

Now from the Macro birth chart, you will get a clear picture and predictions.

It is good to see an example:

J. Jayalalitha, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

we analyze the marriage status in this birth chart.

Basic birth chart:

She was born with Gemini Lagna.

The 7th house is Sagittarius and its lord Jupiter with Hamsa Yoga.

Jupiter posited in any house in single, no one can not expect good results from Jupiter.

But how it will confirm?

Now draw a Micro birch chart:

She was born Capricorn Lagna.

The 7th house is Cancer and its lord is Moon.

Moon in Libra aspected by the debilitated Saturn.

So it is an indication that there is a marriage but damage.

Still, I want clear confirmation.

So now I draw a Macro birth chart.

She was born Pisces Lagna.

The 7th house is Virgo and its lord is Mercury.

Mercury in Aquarius with the Venus.

Pisces’ dangerous enemy Venus destroys the Dreams of marriage life.

So It is a final thought that the marriage life is in trouble. She suffered from the 7th house.

So It is clear that the details of any house can be found in the basic birth chart.

The deepening strength of any house will be gathered from the Micro birth chart and Macro birth chart.

It is the perfect method to identify the strength of the house and the lord.

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