Some believe, that the Planet is positioned in a powerful place, and the results are powerful. It is not true.

But the critical study will only show a clear picture.

You see the birth chart

Leo Lagna

In Libra Mars with a powerful position

Jupiter aspected Mars from Scorpio

The 10th house Taurus and its lord in the 7th house with powerful Mercury

A good professional will be identified from the 10th house, the 7th house, the 4th house, and the 1st house.

In the 4th house, Jupiter is well placed. In the 7th place, Venus and Mercury are also well placed. In the 10th house, Mars placed very well.

It seems that 10th place is very powerful.

But it is not-

It is a poor 10th house.


The person born in Leo Ascendant.

The Phatak house is Aries and its lord is Mars.

Mars in the 10th house failed to act accordingly.

So his profession was totally damaged.

There will be a beautiful Narparivarthana Yoga

Scorpio lord Mars in the Taurus

Taurus lord Venus in Aquarius

Aquariu0s lord Saturn in Sagittarius 

Sagittarius lord Jupiter in Scorpio

This Narparivarthana yoga will help him in the Narparivarthan Planet dasa periods.

But the good profession just missed.

Karma Planets Mercury well placed in the 7th house will be useful to get present Karma helps.

Powerful Jupiter also acts as Karma Planet. Jupiter also helps him during the powerful Dasa period.

While verifying the birth charts, carefully watch the Phatak lord’s positions.

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