Some birth charts have nothing special. But something Yogas put them on top?

Like that birth chart coming from Arvind Gajriwal.

We see how the birth chart was designed from Planets.

He was born with Taurus Ascendant.

In Cancer Mars and Sun

In Leo Jupiter Mercury and Venus

In Aries Saturn and Moon

If anyone tells this is Arvind Gajrivals birth chart, that moment will get surprising.

Kala Sarpa Yoga lifts the Kejriwal to the top of the post.

All the Planets within the Rahu Ketu will give Kala Sarpa Dhosa.

All the Planets outside of the frame of Rahu Ketu will give Kala Sarpa Yoga.

So Kejriwal enjoys the benefits of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

A man with a comfortable living will need the strength of the 4th house. They do not care about anything and everybody.

Those persons will have the 4th house be strong.

Now we see how it works in Gajrival’s birth chart.

Taurus lord Venus in the 4th house with Mercury and Jupiter.

Aries lord Mars in the 4th house from Aries

Capricor lord Saturn in the 4th house from Capricorn.

Is this enough to push him into suddenly a Famous person?

There is some hidden Yoga that promoted him to a top-rank post.

Now we search for that hidden yoga.

Mars is Fire Planet

Moon is Water Planet

Saturn is a Land and Air Planet

All in one will give yoga.

Saturn debilitated in Aries

Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer exchange their house.

This is Vibreeth Raja Yoga.

Fire Planet in water house – Water Planet Moon in Firehouse

extraordinary Raja yoga when exchanging places.

This is superb Parivartha yoga.

Saturn a sign of land and Air will boost the Raja Yoga.

There is a Moon and Mars in Parivarthana Yoga. Saturn boosts yoga.

So In this yoga Water, Fire, Air, and land combined and strengthened the Parivarthana yoga.

So Kejriwal enjoys the benefits of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

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