One person’s problem is boosted by family members’ birth charts also.

Husband has a problem in the profession.

In husband’s birth chart shows some adverse play.

This reflects in the wife’s birth chart as well as the children’s birth chart also.

How does the problem spread over all the birth charts?

Husband birth chart

The person born with Pisces.

He has a critical problem in his profession. 

Why is that problem in his life?

The 10th house is Sagittarius and the lord is Jupiter.

He is a Government employee.

Mars and Sun are the important Planets for Government.

Mars is in Aquarius and its Phatak house is Libra and in Jupiter the 10th lord posited. This is the reason for creating the problem.

Sun in Taurus which is an enemy house for Pisces.

Taurus Phatak house is Capricorn and its lord is Saturn.

Saturn aspected Sun from Scorpio.

Jupiter aspected by Venus is also a bad issue.

So Jupiter, Sun, and Mars are heavily affected.

Is this enough to create a problem?


The problem will come from another person.

That is Bad Past Karma

The Bad Past Karma Planets are Venus and Saturn

Jupiter is in the 8th house which is Bad Past Karma house.

Venus aspected the 10th house lord Jupiter from Aries.

Saturn the other Bad Past Karma is aspected the 6th house and Mars also aspected the 6th house.

So the Bad Past Karma house Capricorn and its lord Saturn in Phatak house in Scorpio.

The Scorpio lord Mars and Saturn aspected the 6th house create the problem in the profession.

Pisces Phatak house is Virgo and its lord is Mercury/

The Bad Past Karma will come through the life partner’s birth chart.

Now we see the wife’s birth chart.

She was born with Capricorn.

The 7th house and its lord indicate the husband’s life.

The 7th house is Cancers the 10th house is Aries and its lord is Mars.

Saturn is the Phatak lord for Aries and Aquarius.

Saturn is in Phatak house mutually aspected Mars from Aquarius.

So the husband’s 10th house lord Mars aspected by Phatak house indicates the critical problem for his husband in his profession.

Now we see the son’s birth chart

He was born with Capricorn

The 9th house and its lord indicate fathers life

The 9th house is Virgo and its lord is Mercury.

For Virgo the 10th house is Gemini and its lord is Mercury.

The Phatak house for Gemini is Sagittarius and its lord is Jupiter.

The 10th house lord Mercury in Jupiter’s house of Pisces.

The 10th house lord Mercury in Bad Past Karma place for the 10th house Gemini.

The Bad Past Karma Planets 

In the husband’s birth chart

Saturn and Venus

In the Wife’s birth chart (the 10th house from the 7th house)

Mars and Saturn

In the son’s birth chart(the 10th house from the 9th house)

Mars and Saturn

So it is clear that Saturn is a very powerful Bad Past Karma played in all family birth charts.

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