This is one of the best yoga in the Astrological theory.

What is Dharma Karma Athi Yoga?

Dharma means 9th house

Karma means 10th house

If the 9th house lord and the 10th house lord have a connection with each other, there will be Dharma Karma Athi Yoga will form.

There will be excellent results in the Dharma Karma Athi Yoga further in connection with the other Yogas.

You see the Suni Dutta birth chart

In Leo Mars

In Virgo Ketu

In Sagittarius Saturn

In Capricorn Moon

In Pisces Rahu

In Aries Mercury and Venus 

In Taurus Sun

In Gemini Jupiter

The 9th lord of Leo Lagna is Mars.

The 10th lord of Leo Lagna is Venus

Excellent Parivarthana Yoga 

The 9th lord Mars in Leo.

The Leo lord Sun in Taurus.

The Taurus lord Venus in Aries.

So beautiful Partivarthana Yoga in between Mars-Sun-Venus.

The 9th lord Mars and the 10th lord Venus have a connection with the help of Parivarthana Yoga.

In the Parivarthana yoga, the Mercury, the 2ad and 11th house lord also joined his hand also.

In addition to that Yoga, Moon from Capricorn forms an Adhi Yoga.

Mars in Leo from Moon form Adhi yoga.

 Here Mars becomes a good Planet as it involves Parivarthana Yoga.

So Dharma Karma Athi Yoga has a connection with Parivarthana Yoga and Moon Athi Yoga.

So the person enjoys excellent benefits from yoga.

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