It is a very different type of birth chart but get a good yoga

World-famous Aishwarya Rai birth chart to look rare.

See the birth chart of Aishwarya Rao

The lady born with Virgo Lagna.

The following planets lose their powers in reality. But they will get extraordinary yoga from elsewhere.

How it is?

The Planet’s positions are as follows:

Virgo Lagna 

The 12th lord Sun in Libra with debilitated.

In the 3rd house Lagna lord Mercury in 

reversal – It is enemy house.

In the 4th house Moon, the 8th lord is unhealthy position.

In the 4th house Venus the 6th lord is not in a good situation

In the 4th Moon and Venus with the Rahu is helpless

In the 5th house debilitated Jupiter – is in a very poor position.

In the 8th house Mars in reversal

In the 10th house Saturn in reversal with Ketu

So all the Planets in any one of the weaker positions.

As per Umbrella yoga the Lagna and the 7th place escaped from Rahu Ketu. So these women easily get fame and rich

But this lady got a very good yoga.

How is it possible?

There are three parts to Planets.

Virgo Lagna – Good helping Planets

Virgo Lagna – Bad helpless Planets

Good helping Planets

Saturn in Gemini is Sadak’s house

Venus in Sagittarius is Sadak’s house

Bad helpless Planets

Mars in the 8th house in reversal

The 12th house lord Sun in Libra with debilitated.

Virgo Lagna – Phatak Planet

There is a critical Phatak lord’s connection with the malefic Planets.

Mars in Aries and its Phatak lord is Saturn.

Mars is aspected by Saturn from Gemini

This creates Vibreath Raja yoga.

Jupiter is Capricorn and its Phatak lord is Mars.

Jupiter is aspected by Mars from Aries

This creates Vibreath Raja yoga

Phatak lord Saturn is aspected Mars and in turn, Phatak lord Mars aspected Jupiter.


Bad Past Karma Planets Mars and Moon

Good Past Karma Planets Venus and Saturn

The Good Past Karma Planets mutually aspected is a very good position. This is the 4th and the 10th place very very helpful person.

When analyzing the Karma Planets it is a different point to note.

Major Planets are self Karma Planet and create Vibreeth Raja Yoga.

Mars Karma Planet is Mars (Aries house the 8th house Scorpio)

Saturn Karma Planet is Saturn(Gemini house the 8th house Capricorn)

Mercury Karma Planet is Mercury(Gemini house the 8th house Capricorn)

Moon Karma Planet is Moon(Sagittarius house the 8th house is Cancer)

Venus Karma Planet is Venus (Sagittarius house the 11th house Libra)

But the Planets act according to Previous Karma only.

The previous good Karma Planets are Saturn and Venus.

But in deep study, the Karma Planets react strongly as follows:

From Virgo the 5th place Jupiter Vibreetha Raja Yoga.

From Sun the 5th house lord is Saturn is aspected by the 9th lord Venus.

From Mercury, the 5th place is Pisces and its lord Jupiter Vibreetha Raja Yoga.

From Moon, the 5th place is Aries and its lord Mars with Ruchaga Yoga

From Venus, the 5th place is Aries and its lord Mars with Ruchaga Yoga

From Mars, the 5th place is Leo and its lord Sun with Vibreetha Raja Yoga.

From Saturn, the 5th place is Libra and its lord Venus mutually aspected by the 9th and the 5th lords.

So the Planets in different positions acted and created Vibareetha Raja Yoga.

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