The peaceful life journey will be disturbed by the Planets.

It is everything is good. Happy life. Happy family. But suddenly break their journey.

Problems may arise in any direction from the Planet.

We can now analyze that kind of birth chart.

The female was born with Capricorn.

The 2nd house and the 8th house determine the peaceful life.

Because the 2nd house is Past Good Karma and the 8th house is Past Bad Karma.

The 2nd and the 8th house decide whether the life journey is good or bad.

Capricorn Lagna, the 2nd house is Aquarius.

The 7th house is Cancer.

Capricorn Phatak’s lord is Mars.

So the life journey involved Planets Saturn Mars Sun and Moon.

The bad combination of Moon and Jupiter

Lagna lord Saturn conjoined with Phatak lord Mars. This is a very very bad combination.

The bad combination of the Moon and Jupiter

The 7th house lord in Phatak house from Cancer. This is also a bad position. The 12th lord Jupiter conjoined with Moon is also a bad combination.

The Sun and Mercury acting in Markak’s house.

The 8th house in the 6th house from Leo.

The 8th house Phatak lord Mars and the 6th house lord Saturn in Marakshathana of Sun as well as Lagna.

Mangalayashthana powerless position

The Mangalyashthana is aspected by Saturn and Mars.

Mars aspected the 7th house lord Moon

The happy long life journey, suddenly breakdown due to bad planetary positions. Her husband’s sudden death destroy the dreams of her life.

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