Hello, I am Jupiter speaking, coming May I propose to change my house from Pisces to Aries.

Next, I will be there for one year.

You will feel good, as I am leaving and maintaining a reasonable distance from  Saturn.

However, the Saturn aspect from Aquarius is a disadvantageous situation to me. 

Saturn tries to block me from doing good and bad things.

My friend Mars, whenever helps me I will have the energetic power to do good or bad things.

Aries is my friend’s house.

It is a good place for me

But Saturn aspects dislike me.

Ok, I will manage it somewhat with the help of Mars.

I will aspect Leo Libra and Sagittarius Moon Rasis.

I hope to do better things for Sagittarius Moon Rasi because that is my house.

I never like Libra’s house, because Venus is an enemy of me. But no way for me to do certain few good things to Libra.

Leo is Sun house. But Leo’s lord has little hesitation to receive good things because I will be in Phatak’s house for Leo.

Saturn is ready to damage Leo, but I never allow the damage and will use all my efforts to defend.

I have a plan to do some good things for the following Moon Rasi births.

Leo Libra and Sagittarius.

What are my plans, I will explain them one by one.

AriesMoon Rasi:

But I can’t do anything about the Aries Moon Rasis.

I myself have a sick mind due to Saturn. So I will transfer my stress to Aries Moon Rasis without hesitatingly. Aries Moon Rasi births cannot control their mind and suffer greatly from unexpected expenses. I understand that there are heredity problems for them. But I am not in a position to bring them into a safer zone.

Taurus Moon Rasi:

The Taurus Moon Rasis have a fear about me. But in the coming days, they will lead their life without fear. In the meantime, Saturn will also help them a lot. Saturn in the 10th place gives them workload. But one thing, don’t forget, that I am the 8th and the 11th lord for Taurus. Some aged persons will meet medical expenses. Some go abroad. Some leave their native place for job purposes. Some Karma dilution work in progress.

Gemini Moon Rasi:

The Gemini Moon Rasis have a problem with me. They struggled with their profession, business, and industries. Every time they believe me a lot. But I am neglecting them due to some Astrological theory. However, now I am in Aries, I decide to do a lot for them.  I will improve them financially. I will give them the option to settle their long pending loans. I will help you to improve the relationship between husband and wife. Children’s higher studies will be bright. New birth chances are also bright.

Cancer Moon Rasi:

They believe a lot that I am their hope. Mostly I help them liberally.  But they not controlled themselves from obtaining loans without any fear. In Pisces,  I will safeguard them from Saturn’s troubles. That is a great job for them. Now it is the time for them to enjoy good results from me. But their eyes will be on expanding business, lifting in the profession, and entering into new industrial business. But no doubt Saturn block me to do something to Cancer births.


There is little war between Jupiter and Saturn. I try to do something about Leo’s birth. But Saturn blocks the benefits from me. It is a wise thing whenever Mars in Square and Konas I will help them a lot. I will consider their childbirth, children’s higher education, and ambition to add property. I will also suggest spiritual travels and visiting temples as wished. Long pending issues like houses, Vehicles, and lands will gain in.


In Pisces, I will give a lot of trouble to Virgo. I interfere in family matters.  Some people got angry with the Planetary positions. Leaving Pisces will give them great relief. Due to my past negative action, toward Aries, I do help them. They always fear the 3rd and the 8th house and their lords. I will be in the 8th house and safeguard them during the stay. Improve their family matters. Husband and wife enjoy the entertainment. Long journey for temple visits will come.


During my tenure in Pisces, the Libra persons will enjoy some of the benefits. But I directly enter between husband and wife relationship. This is some kind of action from me. I want to teach some lessons to them. If they politely do prayer, I will consider them. They should lead,  without commenting on life partners each other. I will propose giving a lot of money. A big plan was designed for them. In a timely, I will explain.


They enjoin a lot in Pisce’s house. But there will be a little disappointment for them. But no doubt, I continuously help them.

I will give money. I will help them with family matters. Long journeys and spiritual visits will be there. Be careful, I am responsible for your loans. Refrain from spending your mind on borrowings. But it is time I will give, that expansion of business, new industries, and promotion in the profession.


Congratulations. I will sanction long pending issues for you. I hope you will utilize me in a proper way. You will be happy regarding family, children, heredity, financial position, houses vehicles, and long travels.  Dreams about abroad will achieve.

But one thing, don’t forget, that you will have a lot of confusion in each and every work. Due to your laziness and fortune, you will miss chances sometimes.


I will give some relief to you during my stay in Pisces. But it will not continue forever. Some issues pending with you.  I want to disturb your mind. I will propose a delay in house construction and maintenance of vehicles. However, I will consider it to long journey but expensive. I will do some activities in businesses, professions, and industries. But it will not satisfy you, I know. If you do some prayers for me, I will hesitate to hurt your mother.


I know your suffering. Some family worries will leave you. I propose to give you a lot of money. You and your life partner will enjoy entertainment and journeys. You will buy properties and vehicles. Some of them will get heredity benefits. Everything is good, but you will be in confused moments. You spend your mind on useless matters. I will do needful help regarding the husband and wife’s wishes. I will help to improve your assets. Long travels are ready for you.


I am leaving my own house. But you have a lot of disturbances you will feel during my stay. It’s ok, for your losses, I will do you a lot of benefits in my Aries stay. It is a good time for you. But you don’t hope in family matters. I can’t solve your family matters right now. But you will solve your loan matters. I will help to get bank loans. You will pay your concentrate on constructing houses, buying vehicles, and lands everything you wish.

Today, this is enough, and I will discuss it a lot in the coming days

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