Do you know the Yoga Lagna?

You find your Yoga Lagna. Yoga lagna is the gateway to Yogas.

Yoga Lagna alone gives yoga to you.

It is wonder-

The birth chart is so weak. No Planets are in a position to give yoga. But the person became famous and wealthy. How is it possible? 

There is spectacular hidden Yoga in birth charts that will generate tremendous benefits.

Here we can see some examples, in which there are no special yogas or Dasa.


In his birth chart, Jupiter and Mars exalted in the 2nd and the 8th places. This is a bad combination. Saturn in Libra creates Sasa Yoga. But the 8th Lord Saturn in a powerful position is in vain.

But he became Prime Minister. How is it possible?

Jupiter and Mars exalted and aspected each other. So the two Planets lose their powers.

Saturn in the 5th house creates Sasa Yoga.

So the entire birth chart is under the control of Yoga Lagna.

Libra is Yoga Lagna.

Now you forget the Gemini Lagna.

From Yoga Lagna Mars exalted in Capricorn with Ruchaka Yoga.

From Yoga Lagna, Jupiter exalted in Cancer with Hamsa Yoga.

Saturn exalted in Libra with Sasa Yoga.

So the birth chart gets Super formation.

During Saturn Dasa, he became Yoga post of Prime Minister

Thus the Yoga Lagna guided him to lead a famous life.

M. K. Stalin

In this birth chart, M.K. Stalin was born in Scorpio Lagna. 

At first look, there will be no bright hope of a good birth chart.

But you should find out the Yoga Lagna.

As per Yoga Lagna, Saturn in Libra with Sasa Yoga.

From Venus and Jupiter Saturn creates Sasa Yoga.

Saturn creates Sasa Yoga from Sun.

Saturn in Libra, aspected the 9th house indicates that the power of Chief Minister Post transferred from his father’s inherited.

In addition,  all the houses are aspected by any one Planet. 

Ist house by Rahu

2nd house by Saturn

3rd house by Ketu

4th house by Moon

5th house by Rahu

6th house by Saturn

7th house by Ketu

8th house by Mars

9th house by Saturn

10th house by Sun

11th house by Mars-Mercury

12th house by Jupiter-Venus

So the Yoga Lagna will create superb Yoga.

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