All the Planets choose any house, and there will be a reason for that.

Planets are planned perfectly, but the person does not understand the situation.

On verifying the birth chart, it is impossible to conclude with one malefic Planet position.

If any problem arises, several aspects will hit the person.

We do not analyze some of the birth charts:

On verifying the birth chart, all conclude that the Moon was afflicted due to Karag Dhosa.

This is one of the reasons, but it can not complete the action without other planets and houses’ help.

Now we see the following aspects:

1) Moon in the Virgo Karak Dhosa

2)Mercury in the 8th place from Lagna

3)Moon with the Virgos Phatak lord Jupiter

4)The 4th house lord Mercury in Capricorn and its Phatak lord is Mars aspected Moon and Mercury from Gemini.

5)The 4th house Moons the 12th house is Leo, aspected by Lagna the 12th lord Venus

6)Rahu aspected the 4th house Moon and 4th house lord.

You follow all the rules mentioned above and all are coming to one point where a mother will be lost.

See example 2:

The person born with Aquarius.

In the 4th house Moon with Karak Dhosa.

Moon seeks additional support as follows:

Capricorns in the 4th and the 9th houses are lords of Venus. In which the 9th house is Phatak house.

Aquarius the 12th lord Saturn conjoined with Moon

Moon posited Taurus Phatak lord is Saturn with Moon.

Capricorn the 4th house lord Venus in Leo with Mars.

Mars is the Phatak lord for Leo.

The 4th house is Taurus and the 12th house is Aries and its lord Mars with the 4th house lord Venus.

Rahu aspected the 4th house.

So the situation is beyond the control of Planets.

So you never come to conclude without deep analysis.

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