You never heard. You never read. It is a miracle.

Do you believe it? Certainly, your rebirth is confirmed from the 6th house of your chart.

Magic houses are 8 and 6

How are the magic houses functioning?

The 8th house indicates previous birth. The 6th house indicates the next birth.

Let’s look at his horoscope T.N. Seshan

Born at Balaghat, Kerala on 15.12.1932. The time is 9.00 am.

Lagna Capricorn, Saturn in Lagna, Rahu in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini, Guru Ketu Mars in Leo, Venus in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio, and Sun in Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn with Sasa Yoga

Venus in Libra with Malavya Yoga

Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo exchange their houses with Parivarthana Yoga.

Sasa Yoga Saturn aspected Malavya Yoga Venus. It is good.

Now we can analyze the rebirth

Before that, the Planets are responsible for his end of life.

Marakshthan houses Aquarius and Cancer

Marakshthana lords Saturn and Moon

Ayulshthana house is Leo and its lord is Sun.

Moon is powerful Maraka lord than Saturn.

Moon is posited in Gemini, the 12th house of Cancer is a very dangerous position.

Sun the 8th house lord is also aspected by the Marak lord Moon.

He died on 13.2.2020.

During that period Moon Dasa Saturn Pukthi Rahu antara played a key role in his death.

The 7th house lord Moon main Planet for Maraka

The 2nd house Saturn sub-period support Moon

The 2nd house occupant Rahu complete the action.

What is his next birth?

As per the rebirth formula, his next birth is in Gemini Ascendant.

His Moon Rasi is Capricorn. 

His birth star is  Sravana/Thiruvonam.

His previous birth Lagna is Leo. 

His Moon Rasi is Scorpio

His birth star is Vishakha 

This is the secret formula. Now you can calculate your present life period.

Somebody may think if is it possible to identify the death period.

No doubt it is possible.

Here I explain three births with birth Lagna, Moon Rasi, and birth star.

Next post we will see Modis Rebirth and Previous birth charts.

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