Person’s interested in friendship with females due to various reasons.

Past Karma forced him to live with her without marriage.

What does the Planet’s position reveal about the female partner without marriage?

The 1st house and 7th house will identify male and Female contact.

This is not a legal activity. So the Planets will be in hidden Places, enemy houses, or with enemy lords.

See the example chart:

The 1st house is Aries and its lord is Mars.

The 7th house is Libra and its lord is Venus.

The matter is within the control of Mars and Venus.

Mars in Aries with Ruchaka Yoga. Mars aspected the 4th house, the 7th house, and the 8th house.

So he decided to improve and liked the contact of a lady.

Jupiter in the 8th house aspected by Mars indicates, no Mangala rope but marriage life.

The life partner’s house is in Libra. The hidden house lord Jupiter in the 2nd house indicates no legal family.

The 7th house Phatak lord Sun conjoined with Venus is a bad combination.

Venus and Sund in Capricorn and its Phatak house lord is Jupiter destroy the family set up dreams.

Aries the 2nd house Taurus lord is Venus posited in the Phatak house from Taurus.


The Karma Planets are Saturn and Mars.

The Karma houses are Scorpio and Aquarius

All the Planets within the houses of Scorpio and Aries.

This is Karma Dhosha.

Karma Dhosa how formatted?

Saturn affected the 9th house.

The 9th house reflected in all angles.


Mars 9th house Sagittarius and in Saturn and Mercury

Moon posited in the 9th house from his own house 

Jupiter posited in the 9th house from his own house

Venus posited in the 9th house from his own house.

Saturn’s 9th house is Virgo and conjoined with 9th house lord Mercury.

So this is past Karma’s fate for him.

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