Can Virgo births succeed in Political war?

Why does this question arise?

The Political Planets are Sun and Mars

Virgo births the 3rd and the 8th house lord Mars is a dangerous enemy.

Sun is the 12th lord for Virgo also will not help them.

How they will survive in Political?

There is only one way.

Vibareeth Raja yoga will help them to succeed in Political life.

Virgo’s hidden houses on the 8th and the 12th will be changed to benefit from Yoga Planets. 

Malefics are Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu

Good Planets Saturn and Venus will give Raja Yoga

But bad Planets are afflicted there will be a Vibareeth Raja Yoga.

Mars is a very important Planet for Virgo to achieve something political.  Mars makes a significant contribution to those born in Virgo.

As the political planet, Sun is hostile to them, if a malefic planet comes into their house Leo, they get a perverse Rajayoga.

Mars is a heavy malefic planet as it is lord of the 3rd and 8th houses, if it gets strong it will make you suffer.

But if they seek hiding places, they will release Rajayoga.

See the Annamalai birth chart

Virgos favorable Planets Venus and Saturn

Venus in Taurus with Malavya Yoga

Exalted Saturn in Libra 

Jupiter in Sagittarius with Hamsa Yoga. But this is not a good position.

Mars aspects the 8th house from the 2nd house. This is a good position and creates yoga. 

Venus in Taurus is in a very good position with Malavya Yoga. The Political Planet Sun with Venus will give a good raise in Political life.

Saturn and Mars aspected the 8th house is also a good position for a political career.

The 8th house lord Mars conjoined with Saturn and aspected the 8th house will give Raja yoga.

The 12th house lord Sun with Venus will give Raja yoga.

But in the 2nd house, Saturn and Mars combination will create problems. 

Surprisingly, Sun and Mars are in a helping situation.

But the only thing is in the 2nd house Saturn and Mars will raise problems because of controversial speeches.

In the coming election, he will be elected and will get Central Minister Post. There will be a lot of chances to fit him as Defence Minister.

He will enjoy the coming years with good Yoga. The next Sun and Moon will give him yoga support.

This is an excellent birth chart to notable.

But Mars will be a very tough period for him.

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