Love is beautiful music in some life. 

Love is long life or short life who decides it?

The Planets decide the love life path.

The love can be identified from the 5th house and the 7th house.

The 7th and the 5th house and their lords became friends, the love will be successful.

The 7th and the 5th house and their lords are afflicted by malefic Planets, there will be problems in love life.


The person expecting separation from a love marriage.

The person born with Cancer Ascendant.

The 7th lord is Saturn with Sasa Yoga.

The 5th lord is Mars in Taurus

What is the problem with them?

Scorpio house is Phatak house for Capricorn.

Mars is the Phatak lord for Saturn

Capricorn is Phatak house for Taurus

Saturn is the Phatak lord for Mars

So the Saturn and Mars are mutually Phatak lords.

The 7th house and the 5th house are  mutually Phatak houses

They lost their love due to bad combination of the Mars and Saturn.

Venus indicates Male

Mars indicates Female

Venus in Pisces with Mercury

Mercury is Phatak lord for Pisces 

So the combination between Venus and Mercury indicates the problematic man is this person.

Mars is in Taurus. This is an enemy house for Pisces. 

Mars Planet can not adjust Venus Planet.

So the love marriage life searching for an ending.

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