Sun and Mercury are the best friends in the Astrology books.

Sun and Mercury are very happy if they are conjoined in Aquarius.

Sun posited in Aquarius is an excellent place.

Sun from Aquarius aspected own house.

Mercury chooses Sun as a best friend. Why?

Mercury’s enemy is Moon 

Mercury never expects help from Mars and Jupiter.

Sun’s enemies are Venus and Saturn.

So all the Planets never turn to help Mercury except Sun.

Sun and Mercury choose a good place to enjoy themselves.

The opt place for Sun and Mercury is Aquarius.

Now we see some examples of the births that have the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius in births.

Ramakrushna Paramahansa

Aquarius birth in Lagna Sun Mercury Moon.

A beautiful formation Narparivarthana yoga.

Venus in Pisces. Jupiter in Gemini. Mercury in Aquarius. Saturn in Libra. Thus this superb Yoga brought him a famous person.

The 8th house lord in the 1st house indicates the search for secrets and mystic events. He has no formal education. But he spiritually educated all the people.


Lagna is Cancer—Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

There will be a good triangle Parivarthana yoga as follows:

The 5th house lord Mars in Virgo. Virgo lord Mercury in Aquarius.  Aquarius lord Saturn in Scorpio.

Scorpio is a secret house. Mars is the 10th house lord also. So he initiate the TATA group and became a famous business.


Jayalalitha former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu was born with Gemini. 

Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Leo, and Sun in Aquarius. This is triangle Parivarthana Yoga.

Venus with Malavya Yoga aspected Mercury house Virgo.

Jupiter with Hamsa Yoga aspected Mercury house Gemini

So powerful Mercury conjoined with Sun in Aquarius designed her famous person.


Sayaji Rao king and ruler of Baroda. Then in 1947, the state was merged with India.

He has two Parivarthana Yogas. Jupiter and Venus mutually exchange their houses. Saturn and Mercury exchange their houses.

The king’s birth chart, there is vibareeth Phatak yoga. So he lost his kingdom. Moon in Scorpio and Phata lord for Scorpio is Moon. Mars in Taurus and which is Phatak house for Moon. Both Moon and Mars aspected each other and created vebereeth Chandra Mangla Yoga. This is negative Yoga.

Sun and Mercury conjoined in Aquarius is the best place for them. The other Yogas boosted the Sun and Mercury to powerful Planets.

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