LTTE leader Prabakaran was killed on 18.5.2009.

Now a Tamilnadu local party leader announced that Prabakaran was alive.

Whether it is true or not. It is million dollar question.

But we can try to find out through an Astrological study.

The birth chart of Prabakaran

Prabakaran born with Taurus Lagna.

There is powerful Parivarthana yoga in his birth chart.

Narparivarthana Yoga

Libra  lord Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius lord Jupiter in Leo

Leo lord Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio lord Mars in Libra

Thus a beautiful Narparivartha yoga formed as follows:

The houses involved in Narparivarthana yoga is

4 – 8 – 7 – 6

Umbrella Yoga also formed as the 4th and the 10th houses are Rahu Ketu shadow free houses involved in the Narparivarthana Yoga. The 10th house is aspected by the Jupiter.

If Mars have a connection with the Umbrella Yoga, he will be became a perfect leader. But he failed due to Mars help not atall reach him.

Is he alive or not?

On verification of the birth chart, he was killed on 18.5.2009.

The details of Dasa during that period:

Mars Dasa – Venus Pukthi – Jupiter anthara

How to identify the death period?

Before one person’s death, Marak Dasa will come.

The Ayulshthana house lord takes the control of Marak Dasa

The 12th house comes and supports the situation.


Taurus lagena’s birth in the 8th house is Sagittarius and its lord is Venus

The Marakshthana houses are Scorpio and Gemini. 

The 12th house is Aries and its lord is Mars.

So the death can be identified by the following Planets.

Venus and Mars

During the incident period, running Dasa is Mars

Mars Dasa Sub period is venus

Mars in Libra the 12th house for the 7th house.

From Libra Mars is aspected the 12th house.

Mars also aspected the Lagna

The 8th house lord is Jupiter

Venus aspected the Marakshthana the 2nd house

Mars in Libra and its Phatak house is Leo.

Leos Phatak’s house is Aries and its lord is Mars

So the Mars-Venus-Jupiter combination perfectly did its job.

In conclusion-

The Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Sun connected in the Narparivarthana Yoga. This Yoga is linked with Marak lord Mars and 8th house lord Jupiter and Venus. So There is no doubt about the end of his life.

The rebirth formula what tells?

As per his birth chart, he will have a rebirth in Libra Moon Rasi in Chitra Star.

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