Ruchaka Yoga Powerful Yoga

Pancha Maha Pursh Yoga is the greatest yoga in Astrology.

Ruchaka Yoga is one of the Yoga of Five Yogas from Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga.

How does the Ruchaka Yoga form?

Ruchaka  Yoga from Mars


Mars in Kendras with exalted there should be a Ruchaka Yoga.

Aries Lagna Mars in Capricorn

Cancer Lagna  Mars in Capricorn

Libra Lagna Mars in Capricorn

Caprocorn Lagna Mars in Capricorn

Exalted Mars in Konas also gives Ruchaka Yoga

Taurus Lagna – Mars in Capricorn

Virgo Lagna – Mars in Capricorn

Mars is in its own house and it must Kendra

Mars   in Aries – Lagna Aries

Mars   in Aries – Lagna Cancer

Mars   in Aries – Lagna Libra

Mars   in Aries – Lagna Capricorn

Mars   in Scorpio – Lagna  Scorpio

Mars   in  Scorpio – Lagna Aquarius

Mars   in  Scorpio- Lagna Taurus

Mars   in  Scorpio Lagna Leo

Mars is in its own house and it must Kona

Mars  in Aries and Lagna is Leo

Mars  in Capricorn and Lagna is Sagittarius

Mars  in Scorpio and Lagna is Cancer

Mars  in Scorpio and Lagna is Pisces

Example 1  Kendra Mars

Scorpio Ascendant and Mars in Lagna

Example 2 Kona Mars

Vazhapadi Ramamurthy Ex Central Minister

Virgo Lagna Mars in Capricorn

Example 3 ;  Kendra Mars

Tarkeswari sinha Ex Deputy Finance Minister

The results for the Ruchaka Yoga will in another post.

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