The car should be operating with ABC. 

A for Accelerate

B for Break

c for Clutch

Like this, What Planets act as Accelerate Break and Clutch in Astrology?

The person is not able to smooth the running of the business.

Boss now working as a laborer.

Are the 10th house and its lord alone enough for the profession?


The supporting Planets for the 10th house are as follows:

The 10th house faces a lot of problems from the 3rd, the 5th, and the 9th house from Lagna.

The professional destroyers are Phatak house and its lords.

Phatak house and lords differ in every house.

The Phatak house and lords are very dangerous to the 10th house.

See the example chart:

The 10th house is Aquarius.

The 10th lord is Saturn

The 6th house is Cancer and its lord is Moon

The 8th house is Virgo and its lord is Mercury

The 12th house is Capricorn and its lord is Saturn

Hence the supporting Planets are Moon – Mercury – Saturn

Moon in the 2nd house from Lagna and the 5th from the 10th house. It is ok.

Mercury is in Lagna and aspected by Saturn from Leo, who is also the 12th lord for the 10th house. There is a link between Mercury and Capricorn explains the Phatak house connection. So this is a disadvantageous position for the profession. Mercury is a week for the professions.

Saturn also aspected the 10th house from Leo also the negative position for the Profession.

The dangerous Houses and Planets how will affect the Professions?

The 10th house is Aquarius.

Aquarius Phatak’s house is Libra and its lord Venus

Aquarius is Phatak house for Aries and its lord Mars

So Venus and Mars are the most dangerous Planets for affecting one’s Professions.

Mars is in Lagna and is aspected the 10th lord Saturn. In mutual aspects, Saturn is aspected Mars from Leo. This is very very dangerous for spoiling the professions.

Venus in Cancer afflicted herself, as a Phatak house lord.

Venus in Cancer, Cancer lord in Gemini, and Gemini lord Mercury in Taurus. So there will be a triangle Parivarthana yoga, which is negative yoga for the professions.

Saturn is in Leo, the Marakshthana from Venus.

So the person’s profession damaging in all aspects.

If the break of the Professions is working in good condition there will be no need to repair Accelerate and Clutch.

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