Some persons are involved in the loans. Some person’s routine life is to borrow a loan for settlement of the loan.

Why do the loans create disturbances for somebody?

Why not get relief from a loan?

What are the Planetary positions creating the loan problems?

See the birth chart

Sagittarius lagna. Ketu in Lagna. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in Gemini. Venus in Cancer. Sun and Mercury in Leo. Jupiter in Virgo. Moon in Scorpio.

Loans indicating houses and lords

The 6th house is for loans

The 6th lord is for loans


Venus is the most dangerous Planet for Sagittarius.

So he is the king of loans for Sagittarius.

Venus’s position is very very important for the huge loan burdens.

In the example chart, Venus is the 8th house and the Taurus is the Phatak house for Cancer.

The Cancer lord Moon in Scorpio. Cancer is Phatak house for 


So Moon posited Scorpio Phatak house is Cancer.

So Venus posited Cancer Phatak house is Taurus.

The Phatak houses mutually exchange their Phatak houses.

In this mutual connection, the 6th lord Venus is involved. So the person heavily suffered from Loans.

The 5th house lord and the 9th house lord are the helping Planets. But the 5th house lord Mars in the 7th house with Saturn is affected.

Saturn and Mars are aspected the 9th house and its lord Sun.

So the 5th and 9th houses are not in a helping situation.

The 6th house and its lord troubled the person a lot.

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