Everyone thinks that the problem is with others. But no one accepts that the problem is they are.

The birth chart will clearly indicate whether the person is controversial or non-controversial.

In the birth chart, the Planets will act accordingly with the help of other planets.

There is a group of Planets.

Jupiter and Mars are one group.

Saturn and Venus are one group.

Mercury and Moon adjustable Planets with other Planets.

Sun according to placement.

Rahu and Ketu are not Planet but their vibrations will make a change in the conjunction Planets activities.

Each Planet must be posited in a good place. Each Planet has a good connection with other  Planets.

If one Planet in a good position, and another Planet in a bad position, there will be a controversial decision will arise.

We now see the birth chart of a problematic person.

Sagittarius born person. Lagna lord Jupiter in Cancer with exalted. But the Sagittarius Yoga lord Mars is in the controversial place of Phatak house from Jupiter.

Sun is also Kona lord will do something good for Sagittarius.

But Sun in Pisces with Mercury is controversial. 

Because  Pisces Phatak’s lord is Mercury. So Sun with Mercury is an unadjustable character.

The 2nd house Capricorn is the Phatak house from Mars is also a setback in the birth chart. 

The 8th lord of the Moon and the 6th lord of Venus are important Planets for understanding.


Venus in Aries, and Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Phatak house for Aries.

So all the Planets in a different angle-looking face.

So the person confused herself, and confuse others.

The controversial is not made in, they are natural from birth.

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