If there is any problem in daily life, your house will indicate the situation.

There are eight directions in the house.

(1)East (2)South East (3) South (4)South West (5) West

(6)North West (7)North (8) North East

Each direction has control of the Planet.

East – Sun

South East – Venus

South – Mars

South West – Rahu

West – Saturn

North West – Moon

North – Mercury

North East – Jupiter

Top portion – Ketu

Example 1

You watch your birth chart.

The 3 -6-8-12 house would not do anything, because these houses are enemies to you. 

If you watch your house, your negligence in these Planest directions is visible.

If you were born in Aries, the Phatak lord is Saturn.

Saturn’s direction is West.

In your house, the West direction clearly shows the negligence and bad Vasthu mistakes.

Example 2

You watch your running Dasa.

If Jupiter Dasa runs, the North East will be got importance.

North East is maintained in good condition in your house, and the Jupiter Dasa gives good results.

North East is maintained in bad condition in your house, and the Jupiter Dasa gives malefic results.

Example 3

If you are in an uncontrolled manner of life, you simply watch your house.

If there any direction will be in the wrong maintenance, that direction Planet will create troubles for you.

So, it is clear that the house is a mirror to all.  It clearly shows what is going on in your life. 

You should closely watch your house.

If you have any problem with you, should find out with help of house directions.

In coming posts we will see the Karma Place in the house.

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