Modi is the Prime Minister of India. India’s the highest post. He is a powerful man. But Is he happy with that?

No, he is suffering a lot. He is losing a lot.

He survives very hard in his life.

The facts are from his birth chart.

Now we see his birth chart.

Modi was born with Scorpio.

Scorpio lord is Mars owns the 1st and the 6th houses.

Any action from him will be their reaction.

Everyone will watch him because his 6th lord is Mars.

He cannot leave anyone, because everyone watching and criticizing him.

Peace of mind

The 4th house is indicating pease of mind.

Scorio births the 4th house is Aquarius.

Saturn the lord of Aquiarius cannot allow anyone in a peace of mind.

Jupiter in the 4th house is not a good position.

So Jupiter in Aquarius put the man with strugling mind.

But it is good, that Jupiter is aspected the 8th house, the10th house, and the12th house.

From the 8th house he try to find out the Karma birth.

From the 12th house he try to find out the Moksha attainment.

From the 10th house he try to find out self Karma dilution.

The 12th lord Venus in the 10th house and aspected the 4th house.

The 12th lord is indicating the Moksha route.

Venus is aspecting the 4th house denotes, he always thinking of the Moksha.

From their birth, Saturn Dasa till 1961 is not good for him.

Then, from 1961 to 1978, he suffered a lot in Mercury Dasa.

Mercury Dasa is Karma Dasa. He has a good opportunity to dilute his Karma.

From 1979 to 1985, Ketu has given a lot of spiritual guidance in his life.

From 1986 to 2005, Venus tries to control him.

Venus has given two options to Modi.

One is Marriage life and another is Moksha life.

Venus with Saturn aspected the 4th house, which is an indicator of mind.

He wisely chooses the Moksha route.

But the selection of Moksha is not at all easy to achieve.

In Venus Dasa, he was in a position of Parigara Karma. So did a lot of parigara by way of visiting parigara temples.

He did remedy in Venus. Then next in Sun Dasa is time for diluting the present Karma. Till 2011 he dilutes the present Karma.

From 2011 to 2021 Moon Dasa is the perfect Parigara Karma. 

He was selected as Prime Minister is Karma based. Not his intention. Moon is Phatak Lord for Scorpio. He never does the best things for individuals.

During the Moon Dasa, he did the Karma-designed work only.

Now running Mars Dasa also gives a lot of enemies till 2028.

Then Rahu Dasa will begin Nov 2028.

During Rahu Dasa, it is Good Karma Dasa he will do a lot of social work spiritually.

He has two more births.

We can analyze the rebirth details in another post.

Modi is not the happiest man, but sacrifice his birth to the Nation.

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