Saturn in the first attempt spoils the dreams of Aries.

What is the position of each Moon Rasi?

What effects for each Moon Rasi?

Saturn is aspected 3rd house-Aries 

From May 2023 Jupiter posits in Aries

Hence till May 2023, moderate results can expect.

Thereafter May 2023 some critical problems will arise.

Saturn-aspected houses – Aries

Aries  – afflicted house Lagna (1st house)

Lagna means head.  Daily life will be a task.  A lot of confusion and mismanagement in the works. There is a health issue for aged persons.  In some cases, the dysfunction of the Pituitary Gland. Be aware of Giddiness, Hypertension, Endocrine glands, and sinus problems. If there is any problem around the head and neck immediate consultation with Doctors is necessary.

Taurus – afflicted house 12th from Taurus.

Expenses – Loss –  delay in abroad travel –  delay in abroad profession -Spiritual – sleepless nights – like loneliness – Life Partners illness – Husband-wife quarrels – problem with work partners – business industries expansion plan to abandon temporarily. Plan long travel will be suspended. Health issues arise in the legs, Glands, and Left eye, and body resistance decreased and is anemic. 

Gemini: afflicted house 11th from Gemini.

Aries is the 11th house. Finance will be very tough. Quarrels with elders of the family. Ambitions are unsuccessful. Some disturbances in higher education – Health issues should be watched. Be aware that the blood circulating systems need the right leg, left hand, left ear, bottom legs, and extra governance.

Cancer: afflicted house 10th from Cancer.

Aries is the 10th house for profession and business industries. But the Saturn aspected of the 10th house is not good. Some disadvantages can feel. Businessman – professional – service persons will face minor punishments. Delay is an expansion of the business – delay in increments – delay in promotion – job seekers wait for some time.

 LEO: afflicted house 9th from Leo.

Aries is the 9th house.  Delay is estimated in travels. Property deals are set in confusion. Keen watch is needed in health issues of fathers and other relative-aged persons. Someone unexpectedly returns to their native land from abroad. There are some health issues, such as Legs thighs Bones Hip problems heart problems.

Virgo: afflicted house 8th from Virgo.

Aries is the 8th house. Concentration dropout in  Research work, Spiritual, and in Mantra Dantra.  Different concentration is necessary during travel. There is a setback in legal issues. Disputes in Government services, property deeds, insurance claims, accidents in water and fire, involvement in unnecessary matters, loss in some issues, theft of some things-be aware of prolonged diseases.

Libra: afflicted house 7th from Libra.

Aries is the 7th house. It is a very important house for Libra. It denotes life partner. There will be a disappointing relationship between husband and wife. It is also denoting Marakshthana also. There must be a keen concentration on health issues.  Disputes with partners in the business may arise. Delay noticed in abroad proposals. Regarding health issues be careful with Genital diseases.

Scorpio: afflicted house 6th from Scorpio.

Aries is the 6th house. It is a very sensitive house for Scorpio. Health issues will arise. Loans and settlements will give trouble. The subordinates do not co-operate with you. Legal issues will give disappointing results.  Relatives create unnecessary disputes. Failure in time management.  Rental persons will disturb you. 

Sagittarius: afflicted house 5th from Sagittarius.

Aries is the 5th house. This 5th house explains children’s education and happiness. There will be some problems with children’s studies. Delay in proposed travels. Sports-involved persons will face setbacks. There will be a chance for accidents in Entertainment houses. Arts, Cinema, Drama, and Recreation clubs will face troubles. Foreign embassies have some tasks. Delay in higher studies. Some are miserable in temples. Particularly in Murugan Temples. Regarding health issues, back pain will disturb you.

Capricorn: afflicted house 4th from Capricorn.

Aries is the 4th house. This 4th house tells about Mother houses vehicles lands etc., and there will be some problems in the above said matters. Care should be taken for Mothers’ health. Construction work – Repair work of the building may be delayed. There will be a decrease in land revenue. Fresh movement digging of borewell may give extra pressure.  Ancestral property may be delayed. During visits to Entertainment places like rivers, ponds, and Sea waters more caution is invited. You should pay attention to heart-related issues.

Aquarius: afflicted house 3rd from Aquarius.

Aries is the 3rd house. This 3rd house for research works deep studies, Planning, Printing materials, Information technologies Postal, Railway department linked persons will face hard in service. Some setbacks for writers, and poetry persons. Health issues will arise neck bone throat and nervousness. Do not have connections with unknown persons.

Pisces: afflicted house 2nd from Pisces.

Aries is the 2nd house. This is a very important house for Pisces. Because 2nd house relates to Finance, Family, and Marakshthana.Be careful in Share market trading. Delay in the purchase of ornaments. Family running struggles may hit you hard. Regular concentration is needed for health issues. Eyes and nose teeth problems may arise during the period. 


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