The leading Political Party is Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, a short form called AIADMK.

The founder of AIADMK was MGR (M.G.Ramachandran) 

The AIADMK was started on 17.10.1972.

See the birth chart of AIADMK

AIADMK was born with Sagittarius. 

Jupiter exalted with Amasa Yoga. It is mighty yoga.

The 9th lord Sun and the 11th lord Venus exchange their houses. This is also a superb parivarthana yoga.

The Political Planet Mars in 10th is very powerful.

The Sun in Libra with parivarthana yoga, get a vibareetha raja yoga.

But the Planets are all OK but where is the problem arise?

Who created the problem with AIADMK?

The problematic Planet is Saturn.

Venus is the 6th lord for Sagittarius and a pure enemy.

Saturn in Taurus shaking the hand with Venus.

The mark lord Saturn in the sixth will create problems during Saturn Dasa and Pukthis.

What are the incidents because of Saturn?

24.12.1987: The founder of AIADMK MGR’s death.

Running Dasa: Rahu sub-period Saturn-Mercury

Reason: Rahu is aspected Gemini and its lord Mercury. Rahu posited in 8th place from Saturn. So Saturn with Rahu and Mercury give trouble to the party.

Saturn dasa from 25.5.2016 to 26.5.2035

5.12.2016: General Secretary and leader of AIADMK Jayalalithaa death.

Running Dasa Saturn – Saturn – Mercury

Previously for MGR Rahu-Saturn-Mercury. Now Saturn-Saturn-Mercury.

During both periods, the party was divided into two and the symbol was blocked.

What is the future of AIADMK?

In 2016 I released a youtube video describing that there is a problem for AIADMK and the future in question.

Now running Dasa: Saturn – Venus from 17.3.23 to 16.5.26

This period is a very critical period for AIADMK.

The 12th lord for Lagana is Mars

The 12th lord for Saturn is Mars

Venus is in the 12th house for Mars

Venus exchange house with Sun and Sun is in Marakshthana for Mars.

So the condition is very bad and handling the issue is not safe for the party.

Saturn chasing AIADMK.

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