Part – VI

What are the results of Saturn moving to Aquarius?


Saturn in Aquarius (11th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 11th house

Income increase – Interest in Higher studies – Buying opportunity of Gold ornaments – Jop opportunities and Promotion offers – Elder brother helps – Involvement in different types of food items – Unexpected property deals – will get Inheritance assets – Political involvement and posts will receive – Subordinates will cooperate – Long spiritual journey  – Increase temple visit  – Mothers health improvement


Saturn in Aquarius (10th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 10th house

Benefits from Government – Government job offers – will get promotion in the workplace – benefits for health services – personal savings will increase – Asheervath from elders – Well support from mother – Spritually Thandreegam interest – Meditation – involvement in God prayers – success in sports activities – Agricultural income will increase – Politically advance movement – some will get additional powers in Political or Government posts.


Saturn in Aquarius (9th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 9th house

Interest will increase in Charity – will take bath in holy river –  Medical support will give gain – Interest in studies – will buy luxury vehicles – travel continuously – visit ancient temples – some will get childbirth – property attainment from father – well education opportunities for children – will buying animals for improving income – construction of luxury bungalow –  interest will increase in religion matters – Some will get lottery prizes – improvement in father health.


Saturn in Aquarius (8th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 8th house

will increase durability – sometimes happy – sometimes sad – the sudden death of relatives – Husband-wife relations disruption – Unnecessary borrowings – Laziness – will get good offers in business and profession – Long pending office matters will come to end positively – pending promotion financial matters will get shortly – Fixed assets will add – unfortunate quarrels arise – the minor problem arises in urinary track – brothers turn against you – unavoidable losses – will visit entertainment places.


Saturn in Aquarius (7th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 7th house

Pending marriage arrangements will finalize – will involvement in love proposals – will travel abroad – an extension of business –  new partners – new business offers – job opportunities – frequently visit restaurants for foods – Husband wife understands each other – frequent travels – will buy luxury things and dress – Preparation of alkaline foods – certain problems in genital – visit relative and friends marriage functions – Good sleep and dreams – unnecessary relationship with others – well improvement in music lyrics and related entertainment fields – earn a lot of money – public place quarrels – sometimes misguided path – some difference of opinion with brothers.


Saturn in Aquarius (6th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 6th house

will changes in health issues – Close relatives will come forward to help – work hard and earn a lot –   will succeed in business and profession- interest in service-oriented matters –  theft problems – be aware of food poisoning – avoid non-hygienic place foods – some get relief from eye ailment – will get a bank loan – will visit temples frequently – will travel holy places – success in competitions – Children will get school college and education – some gifts will reach you


Saturn in Aquarius (5th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 5th house

Family engagements – auspicious functions – improvement in children’s education – pending son and daughters marriage come to conclusion – improvement in film industries – Books – Textile industries – property dealings – astrologers – will interest increase in spiritual matters – earning money a lot – Education will improve – interest in charity activities – learn different languages – sastras – mantras – Legal – Government oriented matters will get fame – legal involved departments will attract – will improve good health – planned for future – best period for Arts music sports education, etc.


Saturn in Aquarius (4th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 4th house

Acquire house – luxury vehicles – lands – cows – business improvement in water – food – scented items – spiritually oriented goods – Good education – will get good results – mother health improvement – business, profession, cultivation, workers face good period – travel will increase – Political  lift will be for few – inaugurate temple functions – relatives support – friends help – happy moment – fulfillment of temple prayers – involved in charity works – ship travel – job opportunities in quasi-government – and private sectors


Saturn in Aquarius (3rd house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 3rd house

Involve in entertainment – interest in travels – support from laborers – increase in business activities – involvement in religious functions – research work – planning – improvement in printing and books – buying gold ornaments – the good relationship between younger brothers and sisters and neighbors – health improvement – interest in various foods and attempt to intake foods at restaurants –  awards, and promotions for Army personals – property dividing chances – unrest – friends disturbances.


Saturn in Aquarius (2nd house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 2nd house

Good family day-to-day life – new member addition – ornaments inclusion – good support from relatives and family members – singers will get fame – Political speeches will attract – Technical staff shows their talents – interest in establishing business activities – you will do help to supporters – Teachers Professors Priest will get benefits – Pulses grams will get additional support – will loan offer to others –  Health issue improve – your activities attract others.


Saturn in Aquarius (1st house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 1st house

Profession and business will improve – Awards will reach you – money will come  – sometimes others money with you – interest in buying animals – skin allergies – hard working – you will take a task from others – Health condition good – active in the workplace – sleep loss  – misbehavior – interest in farming – relatives keep distance from you – 


Saturn in Aquarius (12th house)

Positive results from Aquarius – 12th house

controlled expenses – health condition slowly will improve – plan for the journey – avoid losses – unnecessary thoughts – sad and happy – help to parents and brothers and sisters – some have a change of place –  wife health issues will improve – in public place unnecessary quarrels – 


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