Aries is the first house in the Astrological family.

Aries lord is Mars.

Mars is owned by two houses one is Aries and another is Scorpio.

Mars’s friends are Sun Moon Jupiter

Mars’s enemies are Mercury

Mars’s neutrals are Venus and Saturn.

Aries friends are Leo Sagittarius Cancer. 

Aries enemies are Gemini Virgo Saturn

Aries neutrals are Aries Scorpio Taurus and Libra


Bad Past Karma

Saturn and Mars Bad Past Karma

Malefics from Bad Past Karma

Good Past Karma 

Venus and Sun Good Past Karma

Benefits from Good Past Karma

What are the good Moon Rasis?

Aries’s friends are Cancer and Leo Sagittarius. 

Aries born with Moon in Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius are good.

But Cancer and Leo enjoy Venus Dasa, but Sagittarius discomfort during Venus Dasa.

Aries and Cancer combination is very good if the moon is placed in good houses.

Aries and Leo’s combination is very good if the Sun is placed in a good house. However, the Uttara Pharguni star missed the Venus Dasa.

Aries and Sagittarius combination is very good if Jupiter is placed in good houses. However, they will struggle a lot during Venus Dasa.

Will continue

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