Who is the dominant political power?

Let’s see if the planets empower Aries to dominate politics.

There is a specific qualification for political

Who are the people born in Aries who have made achievements in politics?

Aries born will be benefited from two Kona lords.

They are Sun and Jupiter.

Sun has only six years in the Dasa period.

Jupiter is lord of the 9th lord and 12th houses. So Jupiter expresses mixed results.

Sun is a powerful political Planet.

See the chart:

Let’s look at the rare information obtained by studying the horoscope of some people who were, born in Aries and got yoga in politics.

Who was born in Aries and became famous in politics?

Who was born in Aries and became famous in politics?

1)R. Venkatraman is a former president

2)Chandrasekhar is a former Prime Minister

3)George Fernandez is the Union Minister

4) Farooq Abdullah is the former Chief Minister of Kashmir

5) Kanshiram is a politician from Uttar Pradesh

6) Nabhakrishna Chaudhary, Former Chief Minister of Orissa

7)Kuljiral Nanda is a former Union Minister

8) Sampooranand Former, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

They can be seen, fighting against the wrong policies of the government. In other words, politicians born under this sign cannot survive. People born with Aries are usually fair-minded.

The 9th and 10th lords in connection in any form produces Tharma Karma Yogam.

For Aries born Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga is available from Saturn and Jupiter conjoined in any place.

Dharma Karmatipati yoga is prevalent in the horoscope of politicians born under this lagna,

R. Venkatraman is a former president

Saturn and Jupiter have mutual aspects.

Aries Rahu’s superb position aspected by Jupiter

Mars and Venus exchange their houses.

Tharma Karmathipathi Yoga functioned well.


Jupiter in 4th and Saturn in 10th are mutual aspects.

Sasa Yoga from Saturn and  Hamsa from  Guru.

Perfect Dharma Karma Yoga.

Political Planets Mars and Sun in the 12th house from Aries. But they are posits in the 9th house from Jupiter. Hence the Dharma Karma Yoga perfectly acted.


Jupiter in 3rd and Saturn in 9th are mutual aspects.

Mars with Ruchaga yoga.

Venus and Mercury exchange their houses.


Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the 9th house.

The Dharma Karma Yoga in the 9th house is superb.

Jupiter Hamsa Yoga 


Jupiter in Virgo is aspected by Saturn from Scorpio.

The 9th house is aspected by Saturn and the 10th house is aspected by Jupiter producing Dharma Karma yoga.

Mars with Ruchaga Yoga and Jupiter Moon Yoga.


Jupiter is in 9th with Sun.

Sun and Saturn mutually exchange their houses.

There is a link between Saturn and Jupiter.

Jupiter with Hamsa yoga aspected Saturn.

Chandra Mangal Yoga in 1-7 houses.


Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces.

Saturn aspected Mars and mutually aspected Saturn

There is a link between Jupiter and Saturn through Mars.

Jupiter with Hamsa Yoga.

CHANDRASEKAR (former Prime Minister|)

There is a Narparivarthan Yoga (Four Planets mutually exchange their houses)

Jupiter and Saturn deliver Dharma Karma Yoga.

An important points are:

Jupiter and Saturn connection 

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter Hamsa Yoga

Mars Ruchaga Yoga 

Moon in Aries

If the aforementioned yoga has been found in Aries’s birth, they become famous.

In the horoscopes of celebrities who have gained influence in politics, Saturn-related yogas have been revealed.

Mars Rahu Ketu’s connection also becomes essential in the horoscope of political celebrities.

It is no exaggeration to say that Lagna Lord Mars, Guru Saturn, and Rahu Ketu are at the forefront of giving political gains.

But people born under Aries have lived as a sign of honesty.

They were also identified with the struggle of political life.

It is only possible if the planets Mars, Guru, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu cooperate at the right angle for them to be brilliantly sophistical in politics.

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