Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage? My details are 20/05/1994 at 10:27am in Kolkata.

Marriage ascertained from the 7th house.

7th house lord and 1st house lord with a mutual relationship indicate friendship with each other.

In your birth chart, the Ascendant lord Moon is in the 2nd house. Moon aspected Saturn.

So there is a mutual understanding equivalent to a love affair. May be in family members.

Is it converted into success?

Now we go to the 5th house.

The 5th house lord Mars in the 10th house with Ruchaga Yoga.

It is good.

But Mars conjoined with Ketu. This is not a good combination.

But Saturn aspected Mars from Aquarius.

Somewhat this is a good connection for mutual understanding equivalent to a love affair..

The 12th lord, Mercury in Taurus aspected 5th house.

This is a major setback to give good luck.

Jupiter in Libra. You are confused about everything. You are not in a position to take an individual decision.

You will struggle a lot with everything.

Finally, you will take a decision about an arranged marriage.

2024 is a marriage year for you.

Best wishes.

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