A real Indian Hero

He is born with Aries Lagna.

Venus in the 11th house gives him leadership.

For a ruler and head of the army so many Planets positions. 

Venus in the 11th house from Ascendant is become a person to lead an army.

These Venus position we can find in Indian rulers as follows:

Shajahan – Virgo Lagna – Venus in Cancer

Aurangazeb-Aquarrius Lagna – Venus in Sagittarius

Satrapathi Sivaji – Leo Lagna – Venus connection with 11th house.

Tipusultan – Sagittarrius Lagna – Venus in Libra

There are a few examples. In real a lot.


Karma’s Planets are Mars and Saturn.

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio exchange their houses mutually.

There is Triangle Parivarthana Yoga.

It is the previous Karma.

He fights for freedom aggressively. His service to the nation is unforgettable. Because it is serviceable Karma.

Is it mysterious death?

Death should be calculated by the following methods

1)Marakashthanam house and its lord

2)Ayulshthanam and its lord

3)Planes posits if 2 and 7th houses

4)Planets posits in the 8th house

5)12th house and its lord

6)Dasa Lagna and its Markashthana and its lords

When the malefic are coinciding there will be death.

Death on 18.8.1945

During Jupiter Dasa – Sub-period Moon – Venus Andhra


12th house Dasa is not a favorite one.

The Marakshthana lord Venus aspected Jupiter 

Jupiter Dasa Lagna Marakshthana Planet Moon

Jupiter – Moon – Venus combination reason for death.

There is a connection with each other as follows:

8th house Saturn aspected 12th house Jupiter

8th house lord Mars aspected 12th house Jupiter

2nd house lord Venus aspected 12th house Jupiter

12th house Jupiter in 2nd house for Jupiter

12th house Jupiters 7th house Venus aspected

So in all aspects, death tightens the position.

Marakashthana Planet Mars and Saturn aspected each other creating an accident. Saturn also aspected Jupiter.

While drawing the parivarthana yoga house with a line and Dasa lord Jupiter, there is a bow arrow symbol found. 

This symbol targeted Subash.

We lost an Indian superhero.

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