Based on the horoscope, one can tell the three periods of one’s previous birth, present  birth, and the next birth.

Yes it is possible

Those who are born are born again and again. They struggle until spiritual thought comes. Even after struggling and tired, the Lord is shadowed in the memory.

Mukti Sthana must be strengthened if the birthless state is desired. One’s desires should fall on the 12th house from Lagna, which signifies salvation.

Then who can attain the state of rebirth?

Mukti comes to anyone when his karma completely leaves him. Those who do not have karma easily attain salvation. They have no rebirths.

How to identify it

Adi Shankar was born in Cancer Lagna. Moon in Mukti Sthana instills serious thoughts in Mukti.

Lagna Lord and the 12th house is the deciding factor for Moksha.

 Nathuram Godse


This is unbelievable, that the  Nathuram Godse has no rebirth.

But it is true.


He was born in Gemini. The Ascendant lord Mercury in the 12th house Mukthishthana.

The 12th Lord Venus in Pisces with exalted.

Jupiter from Virgo aspected Venus and 12th house along with Moon with Guru Chandra Yoga.

The Ascendant lord – 12th house lord  – Venus – Jupiter is all in one thought.

8th house lord debilited in 11th house.

So this is the last birth for Nathuram Godse. He has not face rebirth.

This is the last birth of Nathuram Godse. He dilutes his pending past Karma with Gandhi and tell goodbye to the birth.

What about Gandhi?

What about his rebirth?

Gandhi has another birth, then he will attain Moksha.

We will see Gandhi’s birth chart and rebirth issue in detail in the coming posts.

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