Astrology has a lot of secrets.

The powerful yoga in the birth chart boosts one’s life to the top.

No doubt Yoga is very important to every one’s birth chart is necessary.

The Phatak Planets are powerful. They aspect any house or the Planets posits in any house will cause damages.

What are the Phatak houses? Who are Phatak lords?

The astrology houses divided into three parts

1)Sara Lagnas (moving habitual)

2)Sthra Lagnas(stable habitual)

3)Ubaya Lagnas(moving and stable habitual)

Sara Lagnas  

Phatak house is the 11th house from Lagna

Sthra Lagnas

Phatak house is the 9th house from Lagna

Ubaya Lagnas

Phatak house is the 7th house from Lagna

Sara Lagnas

Aries – Cancer – Libra – Capricorn

Sthara Lagnas

Taurus – Leo – Scorpio – Aquarius

Ubaya Lagnas

Gemini – Virgo – Sagittarius – Pisces

In detail-

Ascendant – Phatak lord

Aries – Saturn (Aquarius)

Taurus – Saturn (Capricorn)

Gemini – Jupiter (Sagittarius)

Cancer – Venus (Taurus)

Leo – Mars (Aries)

Virgo – Jupiter (Pisces)

Libra – Sun (Leo)

Scorpio – Moon (cancer)

Sagittarius – Mercury (Gemini)

Capricorn – Mars (Scorpiio)

Aquarius – Venus (Libra)

Pisces – Mercury (Virgo)

Indira born with Cancer Lagna.

For Cancer Phatak house is Taurus.

Taurus’s lord is Venus.

Venus and Jupiter exchange their houses.

That is parivarthana yoga.

But this yoga gives rise to her life.

At the same time, this yoga gives negative results.

Venus – Jupiter parivarthana yoga give her final breath.

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