Rectangle Phatak yoga is the main reason for the loss of parents

Guru Chandra Yoga forgets to act.

All believe yogas will lift the person. But sometimes yogas cannot act accordingly.

While verifying the birth chart,  one should watch the Phatak lord’s house and its power.

If the Phatak lose their strength, the person will achieve a lot.

If the Phatak lord is in a powerful position, there will be a lot of problems.

If Phatak lords decided to do, it will complete the action.

Here you see one birth chart

The person born in Cancer.

Cancer yoga house is Scorpio

Mar and Jupiter are the  yoga Planets.

On seeing the birth chart, one will decide it is superb.


Yoga Planet Jupiter with Moon in 5th creates Guru Chandra Yoga.

Mars in Capricorn with exalted.

Everyone decides, it is a good birth chart.

But it is not.


Phatak house and lord with a powerful av yoga destroy the dreams of the person.

The person born with Cancer.

The Phatak house and lord are Taurus and Venus.

The Planets Sun Saturn Mercury and Venus are all in Taurus.

The Cancer Trikonathipathi Mars in Phatak house of Taurus.

The Cancer lord Moon posits in Scorpio which is Phatak house of Capricorn.

Cancer Lagna is Phatak house from Scorpio.

The person lost his father and mother.

The 4th house lord Venus in Phatakshthana

The 9th house lord Jupiter in Scorpio aspected by Venus

In addition-

4th house indicates mother. The house lord Venus in Phatak house. The 12th house lord for the 4th house is Mercury conjoined with Venus.

9th house indicates father. The house lord Jupiter is aspected by Venus and Saturn. The 12th house lord for the 9th house is Saturn conjoined with Venus and aspected Jupter.

The Phatak house is Rectangle shape.

The Planets in Phatak house are  Sun Mercury Saturn and Venus.

From Taurus Phatak house is Capricorn and in Mars and Rahu.

Phatak house is Scorpio from Capricorn, and Jupiter and Moon are posited there.

From Scorpio the Phatak house is Cancer and in Ketu.

This cause spoils the  Guru-Chandra Yoga.

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