Daily quarrel with wife.

Uncertainty in the profession.

Loans uncontrollable.

Due to misconduct name was spoiled.

The Planets’ position is very important for a person’s happy life.

All the Planets are not good.

All the Planets are not bad.

But few Planets benefit, some few Planets malefic.

The person managing the situation arose from the Planets.

But some people are in uncontrolled life due to the helpless Planet’s position.

Planets in beneficial places, give good results.

Any Planet posits, in any house, the Planet should have the freedom to give benefic

But each house is controlled by the Batak house. If the Bhatak lord gets more powerful than the posits lord, no doubt there is a problem.

See the model birth chart

The person born on Sagittarius.

Jupiter posits in Sagittarius with Hamsa Yoga.

But Jupiter is aspected by Mercury, who is a Phatak lord.

Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter, who is a Phatak lord.

Both Planets are Bhatak lords for each other.

So the Planets Jupiter Mercury and Sun are hopeless.

Venus is in the 6th house with Saturn.

Taurus Phatak’s lord is Saturn. 

Here the Phatak lord Saturn conjoined with Venus.

So Venus and Saturn loss their powers.

Mars in Cancer. Moon is Scorpio. Both Planets exchanges their houses with each other.

This parivarthana yoga is useless.

Because Moon in Scorpio and its Phatak house is Cancer. In Cancer Mars. Hence the Moon and Mars forget their strength.

So the Moon Mars Ketu Rahu all are in the link line.

Entire Planets suffered by Phatak affliction.

There are so many birth charts like this. No Planets acts accordingly  without  freedom.

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