Srinivasa Ramanujam Mathematic Researcher.

He was a world-famous figure

How he gets fame at an early age.

Is there any indication in his birth chart?

We go to read his birth chart.

Who became world famous? Houses and Planets help to achieve world famous.

5th and 9th houses help to attain world famous.

His birth Lagna is Gemini.

For Gemini 5th house is Libra. In Libra Venus posits with Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga (Malavya Yoga)

9th house in a different manner

Moon in 9th house from his house Cancer

Moon in 9th house from Saturn and Rahu

Saturn in the 9th house from Jupiter and Mercury

Mars in the 9th house from Ketu

Sun posits in Sagittarius and the 9th house is Leo

Lagna is the 9th house from Yoga Venus

9th house is very strong in all angles

Education identified from 2 4 5 9 11

Lagna Yoga Planet Saturn in the 2nd house gives talent in education.

4th house occupied by 11th house lord Mars.

5th house Venus with Malavya Yoga

9th house in 2nd house aspected by Jupiter

So all the education houses with benefic.

Mathematician birth chart.

I am also described in mathematical words

Mathematician birth chart.

I am also described in mathematical words.

Saturn aspected Taurus. Taurus and Saturn are aspected by Jupiter. There is a triangle.

Jupiter from Scorpio aspected Moon and Moon house Cancer. There is a triangle.

Saturn from Cancer aspected Venus and Venus both houses. There is a triangle.

Mars aspected own house Aries

Saturn aspected own house Capricorn

Jupiter aspected own house Pisces

This birth chart is different. 

The higher education Planet Mars in Mercury’s house gives him talent in Mathematics.

Extraordinary talent from 3rd house.

Research works indicator houses are 3 6 8 12

3rd house is occupied by the 11th house lord Mars which means higher education

6th house occupied by Mercury indicates extraordinary talent.

9th house Saturn indicates the early age talent.

12th house Venus in 5th house with Malavya yoga

So he succeeds in the research work.

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