How do the Planets maintain friendships with other Planets?

How do the Planets maintain friendships with other Planets?

Sun friend with Moon and Mars

Moon friend with Sun Mercury Venus Saturn

Mars friends with Sun Moon Jupiter

Mercury friend with Sun Venus

Jupiter friend with Sun Moon

Venus friends with Mercury Saturn

Saturn friend with Mercury Venus

The details of the enemy Planet for each Planet

Sun’s enemy with Venus Saturn

Moon  enemy Nil

Mars  enemy with Mercury

Mercury’s enemy with Moon

Jupiter enemies with Mercury Venus

Venus  enemy with Sun Moon

Saturn  enemy of the Sun Moon Mars

The details of the neutral Planet for each Planet

Sun’s neutral  with Jupiter Mercury

Moon  neutral  with Jupiter Mars

Mars  neutral  with Venus Saturn 

Mercury’s neutral  with Jupiter Mars

Jupiter neutral  with Mars Saturn

Venus  neutral  with Jupiter Mars

Saturn  neutral  with  Jupiter


Sun – Saturn

Saturn – Sun


Venus – Sun

The 12 houses indicate human body parts.

Each house indicates each part.

This is basic information. Detailed information will be discussed in later lessons.

The qualities of the Planets

Sun: This is a Star. But we consider this Star as Planet for calculation purposes.

From Sun we can find out the details of Father-Government-Spiritual-Power-Fame-Political.

Moon: The sub-Planet for the earth.

From Moon, we can find out the details of Mother-Quasi-Government-Water-aboard-ship travels-Laxury-Houses-Lands-Vehicles-Travels-Mercy with relatives.

Mars: Closest to earth. Jupiter Agent.

From: Female – Power-Electric-Speed-war-quarrels-Accidents-Government services- younger brothers and sisters-Planning

Mercury: The Smallest Planet

From Mercury, we find out Education-Accounts-Software-Astrology-Information-books-mother side relatives

Jupiter: Biggest Planet one year stay in each house.

From Jupiter, we find out temples – Religious – Finance – Teachers – Life guiders – Ministers – Government powerful posts.

Venus: Closest Planet to Earth. Saturn Agent

From Venus, we find out about Luxury life – married life – 

Saturn: Biggest and faraway Planet. 

From Saturn, we find out Labours – Industries – Hard work – sad – miseries – cunning 

Rahu: This is not a Planet. Just shadow point

From Rahu, we find out agreeable activities Foreign travel –

Ketu: This is not a Planet. Just shadow point

From Ketu, we find out Spiritual – 


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