Saturn is in the mood to change the house from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Saturn aspects Aries – Leo – Scorpio

These houses will face a little bit of trouble.

Saturn transaction predictions

Aries – Leo – Scorpio houses how to have a connection with the other houses.

Moon Rasi    Aries           Leo                   Scorpio

Aries           1st house     5th house      8th house

Taurus       12th house    4th house      7th house

Gemini      11th house    3rd house      6th house

Cancer       10th house   2nd house     5th house

Leo            9th house      1st house       4th house

Virgo         8th house      12th house     3rd house

Libra          7th house      11th house     2nd house

Scorpio      6th house     10th house     1st  house

Sagittarius 5th house    9th house      12th house

Capricorn  4th house       8th house     11th house

Aquarius   3rd house      7th house      10th house

Pisces        2nd house    6h house       9th house

Saturn what will do and will not?

Saturn nothing do wrong. The Saturn-aspected houses face problems.

Saturn aspected Aries – Leo – Scorpio.

In the meantime, Jupiter plays a major role to defer Saturn’s activities.

The Aries, Leo will be affected somewhat depending on the Moon Rasi Dasa.

The Scorpio was born to be safeguarded by Jupiter for some time.

The speed of Jupiter is more prolonged than Saturn.

So the vibration from Saturn will be decreased against the Jupiter vibration.

But sometimes, Saturn will get the worst vibration due to the Mar link.

So while predicting Saturn transactions, we should also consider Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

Which houses will get disturbances from Saturn?

Aries and Leo,

Which houses will get help from Jupiter?

Cancer – Virgo – Scorpio

Which houses will get neutral results from Saturn?

Taurus – Gemini – Libra – Sagittarius – Pisces

Which houses will get good from Saturn?

The Capricorn and Aquarius.

While concluding the prediction, the movement of Mars and Venus must be considered.

The individual Dasa also should be considered.

Will continue….

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