Donald Trump a U S President can get his powerful Bagupali post again or not is a milliner question.

On verifying the birth chart of Donald Trump the details available as follows:


Name Donald Trump

Date of birth 14.6.1946

birthplace Jamaica

Birth Time 10.54

The detailed study  made on south Indian astrological methods

On verification of the  birth chart the planetary position is as follows:

Birth Ascendant Leo |Mars – Scorpio Moon Ketu – Taurus Sun Rahu – Gemini Mercury – Cancer Saturn Venus – Virgo Jupiter – 

As per his Birth Chart the details of the good planets are as follows

The no. 1 helping planet is Mars (Mixed)

No. 2. helping the planet is Sun

No. 2 helping planet is Jupiter (Mixed)

These above said planets always do good things.

But Mars is Bhatak Planet for Leo sometime will give mixed results.

Jupiter has owned 5 and 8 houses. Hence Jupiter also will give mixed results.

Now we can see which are the bad planets for the Leo

No. 1 bad planet is Saturn

No. 2 bad  planet is Venus

No. 3 bad planet is Rahu

No.4 bad planet is Moon 

These Four Planets always deliver bad results.

Ones who have Leo Ascendant cannot expect good results during the period of the said planets.

Beyond the good and bad planets, some planets give extraordinary yoga.

Four planets mutually transfer their houses which is a rare yoga. NarparivathanaiYoga.

NARPARIVARTHANA YOGA OR Four Planets mutually exchange their houses.

Sun in Taurus.

Venus in  Cancer

Moon in  Scorpio 

Mars in Leo

Sun-Venus-Moon- Mars mutually transfer their houses. This type of yoga is one in a million.

So he became Millionaire and US President

.No. 1 helping planet is Sun is a very powerful planet and gives him powerful governments President post.  

First, we verify the correctness of the birth chart.

He is a businessman. In his birth chart, I  find out rare yoga that is-

Sun in Taurus which is the tenth house from his house of Leo.

Mercury in Gemini in the tenth house from his  house of Virgo

Mars in Leo in the tenth house from his house of Scorpio

Venus in Cancer in the tenth house from his house of Libra

Jupiter in Virgo in the tenth house from his house of Sagittarius.

So the tenth house is very powerful to him.

Sun in the tenth house is in a very good position. His tenth house lord Venus in the 12th house is a powerful place for Venus.

The boosting planets Saturn and Venus in the Cancer are also powerful yoga.

So What period of Dasa running now

Jupiter period from 1.4.2016 to 1.4.2032

Is Jupiter favorable to him?

For Leo, Jupiter delivers mixed results. 

So one could not expect fully beneficial results.

Then Jupiter sub-period is Mercury till 9-3-2023

On verifying the Dasa Ascendant Virgo the Saturn position is very favorable.

Boosting planets Saturn and Venus in Cancer is a very sound position to Trump.

Following Saturn’s sub-period Mercury is till 9.3.2023 is also a favorable period.

But the Moon as a 12th lord for Leo is a malefic Planet and struck him badly during the election. Moon aspected the 10th house from Scorpio is also unbeneficial.

The Narparivarthana yoga gave rise and fall to him.

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