Perverse Raja Yoga – All rounder Amitsha

Perverse Raja Yoga – All rounder Amitsha

Challenging man of India.

One can get rich and fame with Raja Yoga’s help.

Top most Raja Yoga is Vibareetha  Raja Yoga or Perverse Yoga

Modis Government a powerful man is Amitsha.

How he reached the topmost position.

How did the Astrological help him? 

One can see a lot of powerful Raja yogas in Astrology.

While one Planet is afflicted,  and the afflicted Planet has a link with another exalted Planet, one will get a Raja Yoga.

If the afflicted Planet exchanges his house with another Planet, there will be Perverse Raja Yoga.

Perverse Raja yoga-

Those who will get this yoga will be lucky men in the world.

Amitsha –

On analyzing his birth chart, it is noticed that there is Perverse Raja Yoga.

The Political Planet Sun afflicted in Libra

The Political Planet Mars afflicted with Cancer

How he will be a veteran politician.

Parivarthana yoga:

Sun exchanging house with Venus

Mars exchanging house with Moon

While the afflicted Planet involves in Parivarthana Yoga, there will be Perverse Raja Yoga occur.

I found another Superb Raja Yoga in his birth chart.

Ascendant –  Virgo

Saturn posits in the 6th house from Virgo.

Mars posits in the 6th house from Saturn.

Ketu posits in the 6th house from Mars.

Jupiter posits in the 6th house from Ketu.

Sun and Mercury are posited in the 6th house from Jupiter.

There is a continuous chain link between the 6th house.

This kind of yoga will boost success in all fields.

Running Jupiter Dasa is a good period till 2037.

During 2029, the Jupiter-Venus period there will be a bright chance for a Prime Minister post.

This birth chart is an excellent chart in the line of Perverse Raja Yoga.

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