Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N.T.Ramarao.

He formed Telugu Desam Party in 1982 and became Andhra CM in 1983.

He became CM 3 times.

But in 1985 his son-in-law split the party and forced NTR to resign from Government.

Because of this crisis, later 18.1.86 he died.

Remarkable rise and unfortunate fall Why?

There are a lot of yogas in the birth chart.

Guru Chandra Yoga (Jupiter – Moon conjoined yoga)

Venus – Mars – Mercury is in  Muparvarthanai yoga.

Venus – Mercury – Mars exchanges houses with each other.

Patak lord Sun for Libra, but posited in 8th gives vibareetharaja yoga.

He gets his CM post during Ketu  Dasa.

Is Ketu a beneficial Planet?

Libra Lagana – Ketu in 5th Good karma house.

Ketu aspected Venus and Rahu

Rahu aspected Mars and Lagna + Jupiter, Moon

Here to note the point –

Venus and Mars parivathana yoga lords are aspected by Rahu and Ketu separately.

Jupiter Moon with Guru Chandra Yoga aspected by Rahu and Venus.

So you find the finest combination.

The Guru Chandra yoga Planets Jupiter and Moon

The Parivathana yoga Planets Venus and Mars

5th and 11th posited lords Ketu and Rahu

All are linked in 1 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 houses

The Planets involved in yogas are Jupiter – Moon – Venus -Mars  – Ketu – Rahu.

In which Moon is Professional Planet.

Powerful houses gave him rise in his life during Ketu Dasa.

Why he was cheated?

His son-in-law cheated and captured Telugu Desam Party and its Government.


As per the NTR birth chart, the 11th house is the son-in-law.

Libras Patakshthanam is Leo.

Leos Marakshthan lord Mercury conjoined with Sun in Taurus.

Leos’s 12th house (Virayashthana) is Moon (CM Post).

Cancer’s 12th house (Virayashthana) is Gemini (Mercury)

Mercury + Sun conjoined in Taurus and its 12th house (Virayashthana) is Aries (Venus)

12th house (Virayashthana) became very strong and search time for pushing down.

12th house (Virayashthana) lords Venus – Moon -Sun – Mercury

Jupiter as a lord of 3 – 6 supported the loss of CM’s post.

Ketu gives rise and  Venus gives loss.

He lost his CM Post during the Venus Dasa Jupiter sub-period.

His son-in-law cheated him because the 11h lord Sun conjoined with Mercury.

The Muparvarthanai Planets Venus – Mercury – Mars

is the main reason for the loss of CM post

The supported Planets are Jupiter – Ketu – Rahu.

So he was cheated and died in 1996.

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