Vedhathri Maharishi birth chart

Vethatri Maharshi was an Indian philosopher, spiritual leader, and founder of the World Community Center in Chennai. He has given a system of simple physical exercises for health maintenance, and a meditation technique called “simplified kundalini yoga”.

How he became world famous.

Five Planets in Parivarthana Yoga. This is a very rare birth chart.

There is a rare Parivarthana Yoga.

Five Planets exchange their houses with each another.

The details:

The Moon in Pisces

The Jupiter in Libra

The Venus in Virgo

The Mercury in Leo

The Sun in Cancer

To attain Moksha the following Planets and houses are essential.

1)12th house and its lord

2)Ascendant lord

3)8th house (secret world)

In this chart, the 12th house lord Moon posits the 8th house.

The Ascendant lord, Sun posited in the 12th house.

So the Mokshashthana’s powerful position.

This is Panchparivarthana Yoga.

The Planets involved in this yoga have a connection with the 12th house.

The Ruchaga Yoga Mars aspected the Mokshashthana.

With the help of Parivarthana Yoga, He has no rebirth.

He attained Moksha.

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