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Kamala Harris Will win Wondrous ? Notable Points 5

Kamala Harris an American Politician and Lawyer from California is the top talking woman in the world.

She is the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father.

She is the first woman to hold the attorney general post in the U.S.

In a single day, she is the most popular woman in India

The historic announcement of Kamala Harris as Joe Bidens pick for a vice presidential nominee.

What about her winning chances in the contest?

On verifying the birth chart of Kamala Harris the details available as follows:

Name Kama Harris

Date of birth 20.10.1964

Birth Place Oakland

Birth Time 21.28

On analyze made on south Indian astrological methods

On verification of her birth chart the planetary position is as follows:

Birth Ascendant Libra

Moon in Pisces

Birth Rasi Pisces

Sun in Libra

Mercury in Libra

Ketu in Sagittarius

Saturn in Aquarius

Jupiter in Taurus

Rahu in Gemini

Mars in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Now we go to identify the good planets which  help for Libra Ascedans.

No. 1 helping planet is Saturn

No. 2 helping planet is Mercury

No. 3 helping planet is Rahu

Nobody has no care about good planets because the good planets always a good friend to Libra Ascendant.

What we say that the bad planets are very dangerous one and pulled ones forwarding steps in every upside movement

So now we analyze bad planets which are against for her

The Jupiter is the No. 1 planet

The Mar is the No. 2 planet

The Sun is the No. 3 planet

The Ketu is the No. 4 planet

The four Planets never do good things to Libra. Hence she cannot expect good results during the period of the above-said planets.

Now we can see the Planets which release excellent results or Yogas.


No. 1 helping planet is Saturn in Aquarius which is the fifth house from Ascendant and causes Sasa Yogam which is one of the famous yoga of Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga.

Who has this yoga will become notable persons in their life. This yoga eradicates all other negative Dhosa.

As per her birth chart, the Planets Venus in Leo and Sun in Libra exchange their houses will cause Parivarthana Yoga.

This Moon and Sun parivathana yoga deliberate excellent popularity to her.

Kamala Harris Will win Wondrous ? Notable Points 5

First, we verify the correctness of the birth chart.

She is a lawyer. 2nd house and 10th house is the very important houses for the express lawyer profession.

Further, the 2nd house has a connection with the 6th and 8th lord.

In her chart Ascendant is Libra and 2nd house lord is Mars occupied tenth house and this favorable for her profession.

In this chart, the 6th lord Jupiter occupies the 8th house and the Jupiter views the 2nd house from the 8th house.

So there is no doubt about her Ascendant.

The results for Libra Ascendant is Saturn with Sasa Yoga always give good results

The boosting planets Saturn and Venus in a mutual view give excellent results.

But no doubt Saturn is a good planet but the Saturn period did not come in the middle age of her.


So What period of Dasa running now

Rahu period from 8.1.2018 to 7.1.2036

Kamala Harris Will win Wondrous ? Notable Points 5

Is Rahu favorable to her

For Libra, Rahu is helping the planet. So the Rahu period is favorable to her.

Rahu in Gemini 9th from Ascendant in Mercury house which is helping the planet to her.

In the Rahu period, the sub lord period also Rahu from 8.1.2018 to 20.11.2020.

Finally concluding my thought that she is a well balanced period up to 20.11.2020 and there is a lot of chances to her to win the post of Vice-President.

After 20.11.2020 there is a lot of struggle and problems arise for her and will face it boldly.

No fear from Good Friend Planet for one’s Ascendant.

Check your Ascendant and who are the good friends and do goods things.

But be cautious about bad Planets, and they are very dangerous to give adverse results. 

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