This is one of the best yoga in the Astrology books.

Any Planets posits in the 2nd or the 8th or the 12th creates this yoga.

In the alternative, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury posit in the 4th, and the 9th houses from the 7th house lord or Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus conjoined in the 10th house from Lagna lord.

It is better to see the example.

The birth chart of V.P. Singh

In Lagna Cancer, exalted Jupiter

In Leo Mars

In Virgo Ketu

In Libra Moon

In Sagittarius Saturn

In Pisces Rahu

In Taurus Venus

In Gemini Mercury and Sun

The 9th house is Pisces and its lord is Jupiter.

Jupiter exalted in Cancer.

The 2nd house is Leo and its lord is Sun in the 12th house is Gemini.

The Lagna lord Moon is in Libra and in Kendra Jupiter is in Cancer. This is Guru ChanraYoga.

But Rahu in Pisces aspected by house lord Jupiter is in an uncomfortable position.

Mars is in Leo, and Leos Patak’s house lord is Mars. Mars aspected the 8th house. Saturn also aspected the 8th house. Saturn also aspected the 12th house. So he has never enjoyed continuously any post.  He resigned from several posts due to several issues.

He spoiled his name for his involvement in corruption issues.

Beyond this, there are different combinations and positions of the Planets.

Venus in his own house

Mercury in his own house

Saturn aspects his own house

Jupiter aspects his own house

Mars aspects his own house

Moon forms Guru Chandra Yoga with his own house

Saturn in Sagittarius aspected Gemini and Virgo.

His intelligence became negative due to corruptive issues.

Anyway, this is a good example chart.

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