All Planets need support from other planets. The Yoga Planet or powerful placed Planet can boost another Planet. 

The exalted Planet will give good benefits.

If there is any Planet boost the exalter Planet, that there will be tremendous Yoga.

On verification of the famous birth charts, we find that the boosting Planet increases the strength of the yoga Planet.

We now see the examples:

Rahul Bajaj

He is an industrial man. He was born with Taurus Lagna.

Sun Mercury and Ketu are posited in Lagna.

Mars and Venus in Gemini.

Jupiter in the 10th house and Saturn in the 11th house.

Venus and Mercury exchange their houses.

Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Gemini.

Saturn and Jupiter exchange their houses

Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius.

These are basic Parivarthana Yoga

Who is the boosting Planet?

Saturn in the 11th house is in a superb position.

Saturn is powerful boosting Planet. Saturn from Pisces aspected the Mercury. Mercury is an exchange house with Venus.

So Saturn boosts Mercury and Venus.

Saturn is a booster of Planet


Jupiter in the 10th house is also a superb position..

Jupiter is aspected Mars from Aquarius.

So Juipiter is Booster Planet increase the Mars strength.

In this chart, the 4th and 10th houses are free from Rahu Ketu’s shadows.

Saturn exchange house with Jupiter.

Thus Saturn has a connection with the 10th lord. The 10th house is Rahu Ketu’s shadow-free house.

So Industries Planet’s link with the 10th house gave him a superb place in the industrial world.

So these birth charts look like normal birth charts. But there will be hidden yogas built to a stronger position.

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