Lesson 2


Lesson 2


There are 12 houses and each house consists of 30 degrees.

There are 27 stars and each star consists of four parts.

Total Parts 108 ( 27 x 4 = 108)

Each house posited 9 parts of a star (12 x 9 = 108)

It means, each house consists of 2 1/4 star (2 stars – 8 parts + 1 part)

It is important to notice, that 12 houses and 27 stars.

What are the qualities of Astrology houses?

There are two parts one is a Male house and the other is a Female house.

There are 6 male houses and 6 Female houses.

Male houses

Aries Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius Aquarius

Female houses 

Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces

What is the direction of Astrology houses?

These are four directions. 

East = Aries-Leo-Sagittarius

South = Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn

West = Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

North = Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

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