Astrology is an interesting subject for knowing the future of one’s life.

Which house refers to a magic wand?

No doubt it is 3rd house.

3rd house is a magic house.

What is the meaning of a magic house?

The strength of the 3rd house gives very intelligence in planning and organizing.

They are equivalent to Chanakya.

How it will act.


Ascendant is Scorpio.

The 3rd house from Scorpio is Capricorn.

Capricorn is a Magic house.

Saturn is a Magic Wand.

How it is?

See the chart

The 3rd house from Scorpio is Capricorn and its lord is Saturn

The 3rd house from Capricorn  is Pisces and its lord is Jupiter

The 3rd house from Pisces is Taurus and its lord is Venus

The 3rd house from Taurus is Cancer and its lord is Moon

The 3rd house from Cancer  is Virgo and its lord is Mercury

The 3rd house from Virgo is Scorpio and its lord is Mars

The magic house lord Saturn in Leo with another sub-magic house lord Venus.

The sub-magic lord Jupiter aspected the 10th house.

These three Planets’ combinations strengthen the 10th house.

The 10th house for a magic house Capricorn is Libra lord Venus.

The 10th house for a sub-magic house Pisces is Sagittarius lord Jupiter.

The 10th house for a sub-magic house Taurus is Aquarius lord Saturn.

These three Planets have a connection with the 10th house.


The 10th house for a sub-magic house Cancer is Aries lord Mars with Ruchaga Yoga

The 10th house for a sub-magic house Virgo is Gemini lord Mercury with Pancha Maha Purusha yoga (Pathirai Yoga).

Hence the 10th house with enormous strength is non-imaginable.

This is main reason for Modi to rule the Indian Country.

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